Being Tickled-Orange

pat-bear-graduation-web2.jpgI’ve often posted about my special Golden puppy raiser pal, Pat Lawson, a Golden lover after my own heart. She has raised over 20 puppies for various service dog organizations. Pat is shown here with her second CCI puppy “Bear” who graduated as a Skilled Companion in August of 2005.

Pat has a mini-grove of organically grown navel oranges that are sweet as sugar. The oranges are growing at the base of the San Tan mountains, in soil that promotes incredible sweetness. In the last 3 years I have probably bought close to 100 boxes of organic oranges from my Golden pal, Pat.

Golden Alfie loves them as well, and the fact that they are totally organic, is just the icing on the cake.

I just received this glowing letter from a new fan of Pat’s oranges.

Many thanks for your blog post for Arizona Navel Oranges. I placed holiday orders based on your recommendation and emailed Pat Lawson for additional information. Pat gave me a call back that day and I had a lovely chat with her. Well, I received our packages yesterday, 12/16, and her oranges are the BEST.

I’m just “tickled-orange” to find such a terrific organic product from a small farmer who is also such a lovely woman.
Thanks again,
Lynn Beall

These delicious wonders are only available for another month or so … which means you better not delay if you want to experience the joy yourself. Just go to and be sure to let Pat know Rochelle sent you. She always loves making new doggie friends.

Here is Golden Tavi, who Pat raised some time ago. He was so used to Pat’s oranges that when he was bought a “store” orange he only took a few bites before leaving it sitting on the ground. Pat says that wherever he ends up, she will have to keep him supplied with his favorite food of all time, San Tan Sweet Oranges.

Check out Tavi below demolishing one of Mom’s oranges.

Don’t delay, get on over to TODAY!


They’re baaaaaaack

Six months ago I posted about Golden Retriever Tavi, a CCI Service Dog-in-Training being raised by Pat Lawson (she’s trained nearly 20!). Pat is a charter member of the Valley of the Sun Volunteer Chapter of CCI. At winter time, all the Goldens at Pat’s enjoy these wonderful organic navel oranges. She has a mini grove in Arizona where the oranges are growing at the base of the San Tan mountains, in soil that promotes incredible sweetness. We love ’em and believe that organics are great for every 2-legged & 4-legged family member.

Well, Tavi has left for CCI College. This is the funny post that Pat just wrote about our orange-loving pup.

Sadly, Tavi the orange lover will be going off to CCI College before they are ready. We bought him a “store” orange… And he took a few bites and left it sitting on the ground. Seems he is an “orange snob”! :0) He has been lurking around the trees, even sampling a green orange or two that has fallen. Poor guy. Where ever he ends up, I’ll have to keep him supplied with his favorite food of all time, San Tan Sweet Oranges.

From Thanksgiving through February you can enjoy these sweetest Navel Oranges on the planet! They are grown in the shadow of the San Tan Mountains in the ultra rich sandy soil of central Arizona. And, these all organic trees are irrigated twice monthly to produce seedless sweet oranges. Try them and you will never want “store bought” oranges again! Trust me, Gary and I are now addicted to these goodies and are too embarrassed to tell you how many boxes we purchase from Pat during this short season. Let’s just say that an orange a day must keep the doctor away because Gary must have a few of these delicacies daily.

Pat has created a new website, Life Barks, to sell all her wares, all helping to benefit CCI. Soon she will be adding calendars and posters and who knows what else. I already am expecting my first box of oranges which get sweeter and sweeter as the season progresses. They start out great and just become irresistible by the time February rolls around.