If only Glenn could live next door . . .

Glenn Ross, of Vurv Design

I am in love with Glenn Ross …. his talent, that is. He is a contemporary designer and minimalist (just like me). He loves simple and clean lines, and I’d have him design everything in my home if I could (can someone lend me a million bucks). Of course, figuring out how to get him to move from his beautiful home in Coquitlam, British Columbia may be the killer.

I have added his incredible line to my site. Since Glenn creates every piece by hand, you can expect the pricing to be higher. But, his conscientiousness and concern for the environment is exceptional, so I consider a purchase from him a win-win.

And, then when you add in the fact that any profit from my foundation store goes right back to helping dogs with their cancer treatment, it then becomes a win-win-win proposition.

We are in love with his feeders and his super wall mounting kit that allows them to double as plant sconces (as shown here).

Glenn actually thinks of everything in his design elements. The fact that wall-mounted feeders can easily be removed for cleaning (because we know that slobber and food clings to everything due to the habits of our furkids) is a pet lover’s dream.

I love Glenn’s story about his daughter trying to snuggle into his prototype Pet Bed Pod when it was being developed.

And, while his storage Treasure Chest was developed with his two daughters in mind, we immediately knew it would be a fabulous storage box for our furkids as well.

Check it out here: store.landofpuregold.com/vurv.htm.

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