So happy to help Service Dog Gadget

Meet Sharon Wachsler and her Bouvier des Flandres Service Dog, Gadget [9/2009]. Gadget, who is with his partner 24/7, was trained by Sharon to do the following:

  1. Open and shut doors
  2. Turn lights on and off
  3. Retrieve items
  4. Carry necessities
  5. Answer the phone (getting the phone when it rings)
  6. Brace on command, stiffening body to play the Rock of Gibraltar, to steady Sharon after she get up or after Gadget pulls her to her feet
  7. Alert to the stove timer
  8. Alert to people that they are needed to help Sharon in some way

Gadget has worked with Sharon for seven years, trained via positive methods such as the clicker, and provides a critical function for increased independence despite her disabilities. Sadly, Gadget was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma in May 2009 and then with a Mast Cell Tumor in September 2009. Our foundation’s Cancer Treatment Grant will hopefully give Sharon a little bit of relief, being utilized for Gadget’s chemotherapy treatments.

Check out the following videos that show Gadget and Sharon working together.