Re-visiting Old Wounds

It seems no matter what I’ve tried to do, convicted felon Scott Shields, keeps up his lying and cheating ways. It’s downright embarrassing when you consider that I have an entire category with close to 40 separate postings devoted to this idiot.

Sadly, it all started on 9/11 at the time of Ground Zero when we all became attached to the images of brave men with their Search & Rescue Dogs combing the destruction for signs of life.

Long story short, Scott misrepresented himself and the work he was supposedly doing on the pile, getting me to collect over $1000 for him, getting a Battery Park apt, etc. I continued to be concerned about his senior-aged Bear, actually arranging for free hydrotherapy sessions within walking distance to his newly (and, while I didn’t know then, illegally) obtained NYC apartment. It was when I was contacted by the hydro-therapist that Scott was not keeping his appointments (I found out he was instead walking Bear for several hours daily on the hot NYC streets telling his stories & trying to get money) that I ended the relationship and removed all mention of him from my website.

Bearsdad or Bearsdad2, as he calls himself, was merely consumed with himself above all others, and innocent Bear suffered as a result. His narcissism trumped all as he attempted to trade in on tragedy for his manipulated sense of fame.

I never tire of watching this short, but spot on, video clip of Scott talking to a group of youngsters (he’s done many of these talks btw). According to self-proclaimed Ground Zero hero, Scott Shields, his Golden Retriever “Bear was the first Search and Rescue Dog inside the World Trade Center. He found the most live people.”  . . . . . . . . . (now wait for it).


It seems that Scott is now behind a new channel at Youtube where he is trying again to rehabilitate his reputation by slandering others and continuing to deny the fraud that he carried out and for which he spent 8 months in federal prison. And, he is unknowingly (to the actual person) registering a FDNY member at Youtube and then making fictitious comments under his name. Due to spam, I screen every comment that comes to my channel so Scott is making little headway with me with his ridiculous postings. But, he is working hard elsewhere.

I continue to have folks contact me about meeting Scott—along with his current Golden Retriever of course—at various dog venues and flea markets where he continues to peddle his wares and lies. But, the following correspondence that I just received this week was quite insightful, as it described Scott before the time of his Ground Zero adventures.

I googled Scott Shields just out of curiosity as to where he’d gone, and hit your website.

I met him while walking my dog in Byram, Connecticut about 1999/2000. (He did actually have a very lovable, older golden named Bear.) He was wearing some sort of “jump suit” with some sort of “emergency” patches on the sleeves, and then proceeded to lie down on the sidewalk in front of me, in the park, stating he “was tired”.  He had an outboard boat with the word “safety” stenciled on it in blue. He told me that the Red Cross did not appreciate him, because he “thought outside the box” and that was why he couldn’t pass any Red Cross leadership courses.

I remember thinking that he didn’t just think outside the box, he thought off the shelf. Other people who I met who walked dogs stated that he was wacko. He was strange enough that I have remembered him over time, even after a brief meeting.

I believe that you are not incorrect in pursuing this issue.