Love the trick …. and the cause

On May 1st, the Arthritis Walk for People and Pets in Illionois’ Baker Lake raised an estimated $15,000 for the Arthritis Foundation.They also held an “American Fido” prize competition where dogs could perform their best tricks.

Speed up to the 1-minute mark on the video to see a funny Golden Retriever girl’s trick. “Her owners brought a display of balloons out and laid it on the ground several yards in front of her. Her enthusiasm was evident as she waited for the signal, then ran at the balloons, jumping on them and biting them until each one was popped.”


Congrats to Top Dog Gabe

This video (from Feb 2008) is of an amazing dude who just took top honors at the First Annual Worldwide Fido Awards. The fact that his Mom, Cheryl Knapp, has taught this guy so much as a pup is just incredible. Some of the tricks are really amazing. The riding of the hobby horse really blew me away.

One year old bulldog, Gabe, struts his stuff in various crazy tricks and obedience routines. Gabe had his debut in Rally Novice B when barely 6 months old and earned a 2nd place, as well as his first leg that day! He finished his RN title at 7.5 months with placings each time. He has since completed his CD title as well (in 3 shows–just out of the placings in the competitive “B” class) and is currently well on his way to mastering the open exercises. Gabe also is doing some of the utility exercises and loves to learn!