Freebo – Golden news & a $700 free music/book deal! -UPDATED 3x


Some time back I found out about the talented musician and performer, Freebo, and his Golden Retriever Garbo. Of course, I fell in love with him when I found out he had dedicated the CD, DOG PEOPLE, to her.

I lost touch with Freebo for a couple of years, and when we caught up with each other he thought I knew that Garbo had left for The Bridge. I didn’t know, but I was happy to hear that she had been able to share her joy of living for almost 15 years.

He told me of his newest Golden girl, Harlow, and I just learned Harlow became a momma (I can’t wait to see the photos).

Harlow, our beautiful 2 year old Golden Retriever and direct descendant of Garbo, had a litter of 8 puppies on August 2nd. Their eyes are not yet open, but they are growing by the minute. Harlow has been an incredible mom, instinctually knew what to do, nurses the pups diligently, and still finds time and energy to play with her humans. My wife Laurie was there for the birth, helped Harlow with all details, and was thrilled with the whole process.

Freebo has been very busy and his latest CD is just wonderful. I have created a special page for him at the Foundation and it includes sound clips from all his CDs, including dog lovers’ favorites from his DOG PEOPLE CD. We just learned that WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE, a song from his Before the Separation CD, has been nominated for a 2008 Posi Award in the “Most Uniting” category (the award show is tonite!). The Posi Awards are all about music that has a positive message.

Freebo also told me about Teri Hawkins, who on Tuesday, Sept 16th, is releasing her new book, Life Retold. Everyone who buys the book THAT DAY from Amazon (just click on the link here) will receive 30 downloadable CDs, including Freebo’s “BEFORE THE SEPARATION” CD, as well as other free audio books.

Go check out the actual artists and writers featured in this incredible free package by clicking here.

In short, it’s $700 worth of free books and CDs for simply buying Teri’s book for $17. But, the book MUST BE ORDERED ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH.

When you place your order, Life Retold might display as “Temporarily out of stock”. Don’t worry, I’ve been assured that there will be NO DELAY in receiving your book. After you get your order confirmation, which will include your order number, you need to GO HERE and enter that number into a special form to claim your $700 bonus gift package. After you fill out the form, you’ll be taken to the bonus page to download your goodies. I CANNOT WAIT!


UPDATE: I got the book and just finished downloading a gazillion songs. Whoa do I have some serious listening to do.

UPDATE 2: I just heard from Freebo and what GReat news he had for me. Check it out:

Looks like we’re going to keep one of the 2 girls whom we named “Hepburn”…..”Harlow” & “Hepburn”! Pretty cool, huh? It is an amazing litter, not a dud in the bunch…all excellent dogs.

Last night at the awards show, I won the award for BEST SONG IN THE UNITING CATEGORY. It was like The Grammys…..”And the winner is….FREEBO for “We Are All One People”. I was the most surprised person in the theater!

Time to go to bed….it’s 4:30 AM and I need to get up in a few hours.

UPDATE 3: What a small world. Teri Hawkins just contacted me, and I should not be surprised, but she is a Golden person. Of course, I told her I just had to see a photo of her Golden love and that I would want to share it with everyone here. It turns out her boy looks like my Ollie.

Here is Teri’s note that accompanied the photo below of her charming dude, Maxer:

Here is my Maxer. – He is a beauty in appearance but a silly pig pen in life…so I sent you a picture of his real self. He is talking to you can you hear him?

The Day of Atonement

Entitled, The Tree of Life, the piece shown here was created by Rebecca Shore. I just love it and thought it was perfect to set off this post about the holiday (be sure to click on it to see a larger version).

At sunset tonight begins the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement. The first Yom Kippur took place after Moses returned from his second trip to Mt. Sinai with the replacement set of tablets containing the Ten Commandments. He had broken the original set when he returned the first time to discover the children of Israel worshipping a golden calf rather than G-d, who brought them out from Egypt.

Moses successfully pleaded with G-d on their behalf, and on the first of Elul (sixth month of the Jewish year), he ascended the mountain, this time for a second set of tablets. In Moses’ absence, the nation fasted from sunrise to sunset. Moses descended the mountain on the tenth of Tishri (which falls during the months of September and October on the Gregorian calendar). Upon returning, Moses found the nation truly repentant and announced that G-d had forgiven them. He decreed that the tenth of Tishri would remain a day of atonement for all generations.

Yom Kippur services begin with the prayer known as Kol Nidre, which must be recited before sunset. It is chanted with a sense of emotional anticipation and a centuries-old feverishly moving melody. I have one of pianist, Ben Zebelman’s Kol Nidre Variations playing now. I love what Rabbi Joseph R. Black says about the essence of this holiday.

The truth is, strip away the layers of all of the prayers, the fasting, the philosophy – if you want to know what Yom Kippur is all about I can sum it up in one sentence: “G-d, let us live another year, give us another chance to be more careful in the things we say and do to one another.” Taken in this light, Kol Nidre is a prayer about the fragility of life. It is about our mortality. Our Rabbis taught: “repent one day before you die.” We can never know when that day will come so we must live our lives in a constant state of repentance – as though each day were our last.

Kol Nidre releases us from all that binds us to our imperfect selves. We are released so that we can confess. There is even a confession of the sins of the community. This type of communal confession reminds us that we are not alone either in sinning or in healing. In today’s New Haven Register, Rabbi Steven J. Steinberg offers such a “confession.”

O G-d, on this Day of Atonement we ask forgiveness for these sins:
For willing and ignoring the destruction of our planet.
For praising democracy while suppressing voting.
For being dividers while claiming to be uniters.
For not having universal health care.
For saying “My way or the highway.”
For thinking being a “super-power” means being a warrior and not a healer.
For claiming to speak for G-d.
For choosing medievalism over modernity while claiming to improve education.
For treating government as an evil, not a hope.
For prisons that in number and treatment shame our country.
For allowing corporations to poison the population in the name of free enterprise and profit.
For calling any who seek a better life in this country “aliens.”
For calling any citizens “minorities.”
For all these sins, O Lord, hold us responsible, punish us, make us repent.

I also am fascinated by the Yom Kippur Sermon, “It’s Time for Peace,” written by M.J. Rosenberg. In it he details, The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million,” a new book written by Daniel Mendelsohn. The writer’s search for the truth behind his family’s tragic past in World War II becomes a remarkably original epic – part memoir, part reportage, part mystery, and part scholarly detective work – that brilliantly explores the nature of time and memory, family and history. The Lost transforms the story of one family into a profound, morally searching meditation on our fragile hold on the past. Deeply personal, grippingly suspenseful, and beautifully written, this literary tour de force illuminates all that is lost, and found, in the passage of time.


Surprise, is the title of Paul Simon’s new CD. It comes out on May 9th, but I have already ordered my copy. Want to see the lyrics and hear live streams for two of the songs? Well, here you go!

Prayers offered in times of peace are silent conversations,
Appeals for love or loves release, in private invocations.

But all that is changed now,
Gone like a memory from the day before the fires.
People hungry for the voice of G-d
Hear lunatics and liars

Wartime prayers, wartime prayers
In every language spoken,
For every family scattered and broken.

Because you cannot walk with the holy,
If you’re just a halfway decent man.
But I don’t pretend that I’m a mastermind
With a genious marketing plan.

I’m trying to tap into some wisdom,
Even a little drop would do.
I want to rid my heart of envy
And cleanse my soul of rage
Before I feel.

Times are hard, hard times,
But everybody knows all about hard times.
The thing is, what are you gonna do?
Will you cry?
And try to muscle through?
And try to rearrange your stuff?
But when the wounds are deep enough,
And it’s all that we can bear,
We wrap ourselves in prayer.

Because you cannot walk with the holy,
If you’re just a halfway decent man.
But I don’t pretend that I’m a mastermind
With a genious marketing plan.
I’m trying to tap into some wisdom,
Even a little drop would do.
I want to rid my heart of envy
And cleanse my soul of rage
Before I’m through.

A mother murmurs in twilight sleep
And draws her babies closer.
With hush-a-bies for sleepy eyes,
And kisses on the shoulder.
To drive away despair
She sends a wartime prayer.

If you leap awake in the mirror of a bad dream
And for a fraction of a second you can’t remember where you are
Just open your window and follow your memory upstream
To the meadow in the mountain where we counted every falling star

I believe a light that shines on you will shine on you forever
And though I can’t guarantee there’s nothing scary
hiding under your bed

I’m gonna stand guard like a postcard of a Golden Retriever
And never leave ‘til I leave you with a sweet dream in your bed

I’m gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you’ll always know

As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father
Who loved his daughter more than I love you

Trust your intuition
It’s just like goin’ fishin’
You cast your line and hope you get a bite

But you don’t need to waste your time
Worryin’ about the market place
Try to help the human race
Struggling to survive its harshest night

I’m gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you’ll always know

As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father
Who loved his daughter more than I love you

Golden Music for the Soul

Many folks tell me that they love coming to the site to enjoy the various music that I employ among its pages. Treat yourself to some wonderful music for holiday gifts. Here are links to many of the artists I’ve featured:

Songbird (Eva Cassidy)
Closer (Josh Groban)
Josh Groban
The Girl I Found (Julie Gold)
Dream Loud (Julie Gold)
Try Love (Julie Gold)
All This Time (Sting)
Enya’s Amarantine
A Day Without Rain (Enya)
The Celts (Enya)
Watermark (Enya)
Sogno (Andrea Bocelli)
The Best of James Taylor
Beaches: Original Soundtrack Recording (Bette Midler)
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (Paul McCartney)
Best of Peter, Paul & Mary
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Soundtrack (Neil Diamond)
Jekyll & Hyde Original Broadway Cast Recording

Amid the Falling Snow

Puppy Alfie's First Snow

As both my hubby Gary and Golden Darcy continue in the slow healing process from their cancer surgeries, I created a special new page at the Land of PureGold Foundation site in tribute.

I do not know if it will help with the healing, but at least it keeps me busy to make up these things lol!

Now, stop what you are doing. Take a break. Just click here and live for the moment.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. Before you go on over, since I know many folks will be asking, the touching song you will hear playing is “Amid the Falling Snow” from Enya’s November 2005 CD, Amarantine. I love Enya.
It is truly a wonderful album, sounding like it was born in cloistered solitude.