OH NO Bo! He’s the birthday boy but still is learning!

We already know from news stories that Bo lives to chews socks, magazines and daddy’s sneakers. However, it seems the Number One furboy in the land—just today celebrating his 1st birthday—is now having arithmetic problems.

He recently left a Number Two present on Airforce One. Luckily the flight attendant was able to steer clear of Bo Obama’s present on the presidential jet. While everybody poops, The White House is continuing to Deny Bo’s Mile-High Mistake!

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PupStarts . . . finally Beginnings done Right

I recently learned about a loss in our Land of PureGold Foundation family, a loss for Marti Brown, one of our wonderful Board Members. Sadly, she lost her Golden Angel Carly girl to cancer on January 18, 2009. This is the new puppy in Marti’s life and she is committed to providing her an organic, chemical-free, eco-friendly environment.

Of course, I already helped by sending some of our favorite, healthy, moo tube chews from USDA & FDA approved free-ranging, grass-fed beef. There is NO irradiation; NO hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids to the beef; NO chemical processing; NO preservatives or nitrates; NO fillers, additives or added flavors; NO smoking or basting; and, NO colors or dye, so won’t stain carpet

Here at the Land of PureGold, I often come to meet people after life has gone wrong, their dogs diagnosed with major health conditions or cancer. It is a sad, sad time for sure, and I am sending out far more sympathy cards than you can imagine. But, just like with us 2-legged folks, Prevention is the Best Defense. Besides giving our dogs the healthy basics of life such as good food, clean filtered water, regular exercise and grooming, we can do many other things to keep them well. These include providing regular exams, scheduling biannual exams for dogs 8 years and older, having frequent oral exams, and paying close attention to changes in eating and bowel habits.

Surveys show that cancer is the leading cause of death in the Golden Retriever breed, Hemangiosarcoma and Lymphosarcoma leading the list. This has brought the Golden’s average lifespan down to 10½ years. While we believe they should be long-lived (12-16 years) and healthy and active during most of this time, no screening test for cancer is currently available. One approach is for breeders to select bitches from lines where more than 75% of the dogs in the pedigree lived to at least 11 (longer than the golden average). Breeders can also research the cause of death on as many dogs in the pedigree *and their siblings* as possible, and additionally breed to older males who have already reached the average age. Unfortunately, this is seldom done as many want to breed to today’s top-winning dogs. Rather, we need to be breeding to their sires.

Although there are no statistical studies that prove you can prevent cancer in at-risk dogs, “common sense and clinical experience make a strong case for avoiding anything that exposes an animal to known carcinogens or weakens the immune system,” says Stacey Hershman, DVM, a holistic house-call veterinarian in Rockland County, New York. Just like their human companions, dogs live longer, healthier lives when they eat organic foods, get enough exercise, breathe clean air, drink clean filtered water, and stay away from harmful substances. They also are helped by supplements, food-source antioxidants, and free-range, antibiotic-free, and chemical-free proteins.

We have selected our favorite must-have products and developed 3 fun and attractive collections to get folks off to the best start with new pups or adopted dogs.

  1. One collection is focused on keeping our chewers busy and satisfied: PupStarts Chews.
  2. A second collection stresses our need to reward desired behaviors: PupStarts Rewards.
  3. The final collection helps in boosting a healthy immune response in your dog: PupStarts Boosts.

We actually use EVERY ITEM that has been included in these collections. It surely impacts our daily lives and we could not imagine not having them help to create the best in health and training.

Each collection includes a SimplyFido Limited Edition 100% Organic & Dye-Free Character Plush Bone Toy. Our dogs are always chewing or sucking on something. From puppyhood, they, like babies, love to put things in their mouths. Given the prevalence of oral cancers, we wondered if their dog toys were safe and non-toxic. Do I want my dog chewing on toys that have PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a toxic chemical) in the plastic? Do I want him ingesting processed materials or those made using pesticides and growth hormones? I don’t think so. That is why the collections include this fabulous toy.

This 9 inch long toy’s fabric and stuffing are grown without pesticides or herbicides, preventing your dog from ingesting toxic materials. Organically grown, the fibers are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed. The company uses their unique PureWaterWash™ process to achieve their charming colors. The untreated cotton is then woven and color-brightened through Mother Nature’s own plants and minerals. Beige comes from a Chestnut Bur, red from the Madder Root, yellow from a Gardenia Seed, and grey from the mineral Charcoal The fabric is then triple-washed in pure water to set the color. As a result, each toy has its own unique appearance and color variance.

The collections also include your choice of a gorgeous Pawprints Scrapbook or Pawprints Journal to capture your furkid’s many special moments. Collecting your dog’s most expressive and fun photos and sticking them in a scrapbook is a wonderful way to celebrate your special bond. You can also use special embellishments to make your Pawprints scrapbook or journal attractive, adorning it with ribbons, first collars, baby teeth, and more. You can note progress in dog training classes, note accomplishments, and record difficulties as well. You would otherwise forget about these over time, but scrapbooking your dog will keep these memories for a lifetime.

Our 3 theme assortments are each arranged in a whimsical bone-shaped wire basket that measures 10″ L x 6″ W x 3″ H and includes a useful handle. This elegant shiny basket is simply perfect for holding dog wares and is a true keepsake storage container. This gift can be bought to treat yourself right (which is really important) or to present to a fellow dog lover—a special gift note card provided if requested with your order.

All of these collections are beautifully shrink wrapped and topped with a bow. A detailed brochure additionally accompanies each collection, providing insightful information about the contents and why each item was included.

These collections are great for yourself or to give as a gift. They are equally fabulous for a young pup or a newly adopted adult dog coming into your family.

Why Puppies Do That: A Collection of Curious Puppy Behaviors
Why do puppies sometimes lie on their backs when approached? Why do they sleep in a pile? Why do puppies have that special “puppy smell”? Why are some puppies runts? Few things can cause as much head scratching as the peculiar behavior and characteristics of a new puppy, and this book aims to answer all of the questions new dog owners wonder about their new little charge.

Illustrated with pencil drawings, Why Puppies Do That is lighthearted, informative, and as fun as a new puppy. The author, Tom Davis, has been living with and writing about dogs for 30 years. He has written several Golden books and is an editor for several magazines including Sporting Classics and Pointing Dog Journal. Regular Price: $13.95 but only $10 with a PupStarts Basket purchase!

Come check them out here.

USDA & FDA approved

Puppy or chicken? You decide.

Again, I could not resist this video of a French Bulldog puppy who has the unnerving habit of sleeping on his back, with his arms straight out in front of him. His dad says, “No, he’s not dead. No, it’s not an elaborate prosthetic dog. No, he’s not a rubber chicken. If you look really carefully, you can see him breathing.”

Just click on the youtube icon below to get to the video.

Can someone please throw me a pity party?

I am going to attempt to come up for some air before going back to work, something my husband does not get since he keeps telling me I am not being paid for anything I do, ha ha.

I have been attempting, despite a disability that these days keeps me home-bound more than I’d like to admit, to revamp my 1000 page site, additionally adding some special product lines that I adore. I have managed in a few weeks time to get to a few hundred pages, but as you would suspect, that’s nothing when you look at the number I need to handle.

The foundation makes very little from my store, as I only carry a few items, and some are quite pricey. Honestly, the store is not there to make money, per se. It is merely a way for me to detail many of those items I personally love and can’t do without, and my desire to share that knowledge with others. Some of the items are really ‘out there’ as some people would say, but, for me, it’s a plus just if I can get folks to read about them and possibly consider why they may be helpful.

With so much on my plate, I have been unable to get to my blog as much as I had in the past, and I miss that. I love searching every day for news to provide cheer.

I am being contacted by more cancer research scientists as they have begun to notice my determination in getting out a high level of valuable information. And, I hope you are reading some of the wonderful articles at my comprehensive sub-site on cancer. It’s importance, of course, made it the first thing I tackled when I began my revision. Do look at the new screening test (tiny blood sample is all that’s needed) for lymphoma, something I already did for my guy Alfie. It is a test similar to that of the PSA for men with respectto prostate cancer, but better as it uses multiple markers. And, it should be done annually or bi-annually depending on specific variables.

I am making more of the information at the site user-friendly, creating PDF documents from lengthy articles and material. That way you can print out pages and keep for later reading or a resource file. I have also taken the article that I wrote for the 2003 Golden Retriever Annual and produced a 53-page PDF document. Do not ask me how much time that little idea cost me.

I will obviously be changing over pages, from my old look to my new, sleek, professional look and sound (much less music, which you can now control), for several months. However, the fun stuff can still be accessed . And, you may see some of your own Goldens in the slide shows that define my new sections, photos that will constantly change to keep folks interested. These slide shows can be seen at:

Live and Learn
Love and Laugh

Loyalty at Work

Being Cancer Aware

Golden Brick Road

Okay, now comes the really fun part to all of this craziness. I am due to bring in a new little puppy girl the first week of February, almost 1 year since Darcy left my side. I have to admit that I am still grieving very deeply over Darcy, as she was the best girlfriend anyone could possibly have. She had such attitude, which Gary says came from her mom, ha ha. But, she was so sweet as well. Oh, how I miss her personality, her intelligence, her mothering & soothing when I’d be ill. I am crying just writing about it.

But, I must move on, if more for the sake of others, and little Alfie, who has gotten way too spoiled and too solitary. I am concerned about how he will take to the new intrusion, as he is turning 8 in May, so I am now busy trying to get more info on how to handle the transition. What I really want is a gifted behaviorist willing to take up residence in my house …. free of charge, of course. I guess I tend to dream big lol.

I was hoping I’d have someone help me to get to Midland, Texas to get my new baby, as traveling is very tough, and traveling alone is …. well, you can imagine. But, no one can get off work to tag along. So, I’ve tried to schedule all kinds of help and I am staying over in Texas to give myself more time to do everything. I am going to Texas on Tuesday February 6th and returning Wednesday. The plane has a connecting flight in Dallas, so on Wednesday evening during a 2-hour layover I will get to meet some rescue folks that I’ve only loved and respected by phone and online. Of course, they will not be interested in me. They’ll only be interested in getting some of that all-powerful puppy breath.

I won’t be arriving back home until 1:30am so that should be interesting as well. But, I will have all my crates in various locations of the house set up and all ready to go ….. hopefully. Right now, I’ve got to get busy preparing my ingredients (pureeing & storing) and baking & freezing up muffin batches for the home-cooked Canine Life (West Coast & East Coast) meals that only befits such little princesses.

Although I am the one responsible for all the training, housebreaking, cooking, grooming chores, guess who got to pick out the name for our baby? Well, I’ve got to throw the poor guy a bone. He merely gets carry-out while my dogs get home-cooked, all-organic meals. Thank goodness I love his choice. He selected the name Olivia, after our all-time favorite name of Oliver. I probably will call the new Princess Livey, pronounced Live — ee, the emphasis certainly on the word ‘live’. And, when calling my little one, I can say, “O – Livey!” Livey’s middle name will be Reba, the name of her very special mom.

Baby Olivia will be similar to Alfie, in that she will be a cross between American and English lines. Her daddy is actually an import from Australia, but it was some special English kids in his pedigree that made him such a find. Of course, I’d be thrilled if she could have Alfie’s youthfulness, puppy attitude, and almost 24-7 tail-wagging (just look at him and he wags, or if you hear boom boom boom, it’s Alfie’s tail going back and forth as he is lying somewhere in the house–don’t ask me what he is thinking about, but it must be good because his tail never stops).

There are no photos yet but that shall come. I just need to get out my camera and brush up on my skills. That, and a million other things I need to do to get ready. So, please understand if the site gets somewhat messy and emails are not answered as quickly and my blog is not updated nearly as often. I have a special window of opportunity that I cannot let go by, my clicker at the ready in anticipation.

Get Your Golden Puppy Fix Here!


The folks at Coppertop Golden Retrievers recently (Nov 7) had a 3-pupper litter, mom Spirit doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies. Boy these furkids are chubby, which is often the case when there are many less mouths to feed.

They have a puppy cam that actually is updated every 30 seconds, trained on this litter. And, they also have “Video of The Day” which shows some very cute segments. Be sure to check out the archive of these videos, as only the most recent appears on the Puppy Cam page.

Dad is a professional photographer and has gotten some marvelous photos of Spirit with her newly born babies, the one at the top being my absolute favorite.