Cat catches bus to fish ‘n chip shop


AN English cat has spent the past three months jumping on a bus and riding it two stops down the road before leaping off near a fish and chip shop.
By staff writers and wires, Herald and Weekly Times

The cat, which jumps on the no 331 service in Wolverhampton, has stunned bus drivers who have since nicknamed it Macavity after the secret cat in a T.S. Eliot poem.

Driver Bill Khunkhun, 49, said Macavity caught the bus three times a week and always got on and off at the same spot along the busy route. “As soon as I open the doors he jumps on. He seems to like it,” he said.

Passenger Paul Brennan, 19, said Macavity sat at the front of the bus and waited patiently for the right stop. “It was quite strange at first but now seems normal. He is the perfect passenger. The only problem is he never pays,” Mr Brennan said.

Travel West Midlands, which operates the service, said: “The cat certainly knows how to use buses and is a regular traveller on the 311.”


“The Bond”


This is a senior Golden Bullet and Troy, the baby brother that he saved some years back. Some folks would say that it was beshert, which means fated or destined, as Bullet almost did not live to be around that day when Troy stopped breathing. He had needed surgery and Pam, his mom, had taken out a loan just to be able to have the procedure done.

Well, I learned of another tale today, that shows the power of the human-canine bond, that was also beshert. a woman taking in an abused 2-week-old pup and nursing it back to health — that dog recently returning the kindness by saving her life.

Click here and watch a video clip that tells about this incredible tale.

Keep Lucy in your Prayers


In this photo, Bennie and Lucy are patiently awaiting the arrival of three hundred children at the Garrison School in Dover, NH where they will help educate the kids on pet ownership and coping with disabilities.

Lucy is a very special little girl who is well known in the Golden world. We have followed her work for many years now and have many pages at our Foundation site about her. You can learn more about her special rescue as a baby and her years after by CLICKING HERE. And, to see a fun page with loads of families just go to our I LOVE LUCY page. has not been doing much therapy work these days, though, as she is starting to have some big health challenges. Here is the letter I just received from her dad, Chandler.

We think Lucy had a minor stroke a few weeks ago. Half of her face is now paralyzed but we did a full battery of tests, shy of an MRI and we found nothing. She’s having great difficulty getting around at all. She is still happy though and we treasure every moment with her. Bennie, bless his heart, has stepped up and will not leave her side. Last night he even grabbed a paper plate from me (it had crust from a pizza on it) and carried it to her so she could have a snack. How could I be mad? Bennie has NEVER begged or counter surfed or taken anything from my plate . . . EVER . . . so this can only be what it appeared to be. A simple act of generosity and love.

I am sooo afraid that we will be asked to make the supreme decision some day and it is already too hard to bear. I’m also afraid of how Bennie will handle life without Lucy. His whole life revolves around her well being . . .

Try to keep those positive thoughts going as you watch a little video clip that I took at the GRCA Nationals a year ago.

Little Lola

You do not want to miss seeing this little 7-week-old girl, Lola. With a walk all her own, she is rather unbelievable. She kind of reminds me of Golden Retriever Polar, who was also faced with a genetic hind leg paralysis

But, it is a rather funny story about how they managed to get this little one captured on film.

You can see a wonderful, ad-free, video version of this kitty in action by clicking here. Trust me, this special segment is not to be missed!