Around here it’s a *Golden* St. Patrick’s Day

Golden Retriever Zoey and Alexandria

This is a photo from Adele Rouser of her Golden Retriever Zoey and granddaughter Alexandria in their matching St. Patrick’s Day headbands. They are obviously fascinated with the “boinging” going on above their heads. Zoey is a patient poser, having been accessorized for every holiday imaginable. And, Alexandria loves posing as well as she gets to keep the accessories when these photo sessions are complete.



A *Healthy* New Year … with some Golden assistance

A Happy & Healthy New Year from Goldens Teddy & Blythe

Here are Pat Lawson‘s resident Golden Retriever furkids. Teddy has been loving life these days since Mom brought home a female sweetie to be trained for Canine Companions for Independence. It is the first female she has trained, in fact, and honestly, there really is a difference between the sexes in Goldens. Surely, Teddy has explained that to her by now.

Pat is responsible for me having organic orange juice year round. I buy too many boxes to admit to as hubby Gary and I are addicted to these wonders from Arizona.

I have finished juicing and am now chilling my Arizona organic navel orange juice. Later, around midnight, I will be gently adding chilled champagne to create glorious mimosas. Yum!

With bells on her toes . . .

Golden Rainey Beber (wearing outfit from silly Auntie Rochelle)

Golden Retriever Rainey is part of Suzi Beber’s large Golden furry family. We love Suzi, one of our foundation’s board members, who is making a huge difference in Canada for canine cancer. Check out all she does at Smiling Blue Skies. And, tell her Rochelle sent you.

Wishing all joy and peace.

Whoa … Neil Diamond channeling Adam Sandler?

Since Hanukkah begins tomorrow night at sundown, we’ve been providing lots of holiday fun for our Jewish pals. This is Adam Sandler’s song now covered by Neil Diamond. I like this fun animated version.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A Golden Retriever inspired Hanukkah can be found at my Light One Candle (Peter, Paul & Mary) page.

Members of Suzi Beber's Golden Retriever Family

Eight Days of Hanukkah

This is a pretty bizarre story:

‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’ — How Orrin Hatch came to write a Hanukkah song for Tablet Magazine

Ten years ago, I visited Orrin Hatch, the senior senator from Utah and a prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Capitol Hill. I was writing for The New York Times Magazine and Hatch was thinking of running for president. We talked about politics for a few minutes, and then he said, “Have you heard my love songs?”

No senator had asked me that question before. It turned out that Hatch was a prolific songwriter, not only of love songs, but of Christian spirituals as well. We spent an hour in his office listening to some of his music, a regular Mormon platter party. After five or six Christmas songs, I asked, him, “What about Hanukkah songs? You have any of those?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Golden Retriever Holiday Specials

With the Land of PureGold being the World’s largest Golden Retriever site, it seems fitting to provide some special holiday goodies for our Golden visitors. You certainly do not want any mad friends, furry or otherwise, who are disappointed when they do not receive any special presents. Quantities are very limited so do not delay if you see something you like!

Please remember that all purchases support our nonprofit’s mission of supplying cancer treatment grants for working dogs and supporting research in comparative oncology, the study of cancers that occur similarly in people and companion animals. Also, given these tough economic times, donations are near non-existent, so we really depend on your purchases to continue doing our important work.

FREE glossy puppy stickers!

In February 2004, we photographed this unbelievably adorable chubby litter of three 5½-week-old Golden Retriever pups. They were simply too sweet for words. With our special message, we believe these stickers are that much more irresistible. These bright 4 inch wide x 1½ inch high Photo Gloss oval stickers are just great to put on all of your gift packaging or on the backs of letters as a type of seal. Folks get a set for free with all purchases from our Holiday Gift Store page.

Keepsake Pawprints Holiday Ornament Kit with $50 purchases

For a limited time only, we’d like to make some folks’ holidays very special. Make a purchase of $50 or more from our Holiday Gift page and you will be able to adorn your wonderful holiday setting with a timeless pawprint of the most cherished member of the family. [Please note that quantities are very limited for this special holiday offer.]

This kit allows you to make a 5½ inch paw impression ornament with no mixing, baking, or mess. It includes everything you need to create your own treasured ornament. And, it is actually great for cats and children too. The kit includes: Plastic shaping ring, wooden rolling pin, plastic straw hole puncher, elegant satin holiday ribbons, air drying non-toxic impression material, and easy to follow instructions. ($18 value)


For a listing of all of our Foundation’s store specials, go here.

Golden Retriever Kona . . . What a scream!

What a scream!

Over at Golden loving Sue’s blog, she has been detailing her work for an annual party of all parties to celebrate Halloween. The party was this past weekend, and she shipped out her Golden mob to a pal. This is Golden Retriever Kona with his newly discovered find.

As Momma Sue says, “No Kona, this is NOT a new chew toy for you!”

I love that Kona. Reminds me of my baby boy Alfie.

The Day of Atonement

Entitled, The Tree of Life, the piece shown here was created by Rebecca Shore. I just love it and thought it was perfect to set off this post about the holiday (be sure to click on it to see a larger version).

At sunset last night began the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement. The first Yom Kippur took place after Moses returned from his second trip to Mt. Sinai with the replacement set of tablets containing the Ten Commandments. He had broken the original set when he returned the first time to discover the children of Israel worshipping a golden calf rather than G-d, who brought them out from Egypt.

Moses successfully pleaded with G-d on their behalf, and on the first of Elul (sixth month of the Jewish year), he ascended the mountain, this time for a second set of tablets. In Moses’ absence, the nation fasted from sunrise to sunset. Moses descended the mountain on the tenth of Tishri (which falls during the months of September and October on the Gregorian calendar). Upon returning, Moses found the nation truly repentant and announced that G-d had forgiven them. He decreed that the tenth of Tishri would remain a day of atonement for all generations.

Yom Kippur services begin with the prayer known as Kol Nidre, which must be recited before sunset. It is chanted with a sense of emotional anticipation and a centuries-old feverishly moving melody. There is one of pianist, Ben Zebelman’s Kol Nidre Variations that I just love.

I adore what Rabbi Joseph R. Black says about the essence of this holiday.

The truth is, strip away the layers of all of the prayers, the fasting, the philosophy – if you want to know what Yom Kippur is all about I can sum it up in one sentence: “G-d, let us live another year, give us another chance to be more careful in the things we say and do to one another.” Taken in this light, Kol Nidre is a prayer about the fragility of life. It is about our mortality. Our Rabbis taught: “repent one day before you die.” We can never know when that day will come so we must live our lives in a constant state of repentance – as though each day were our last.

Kol Nidre releases us from all that binds us to our imperfect selves. We are released so that we can confess. There is even a confession of the sins of the community. This type of communal confession reminds us that we are not alone either in sinning or in healing. In today’s New Haven Register, Rabbi Steven J. Steinberg offers such a “confession.”

O G-d, on this Day of Atonement we ask forgiveness for these sins:
For willing and ignoring the destruction of our planet.
For praising democracy while suppressing voting.
For being dividers while claiming to be uniters.
For not having universal health care.
For saying “My way or the highway.”
For thinking being a “super-power” means being a warrior and not a healer.
For claiming to speak for G-d.
For choosing medievalism over modernity while claiming to improve education.
For treating government as an evil, not a hope.
For prisons that in number and treatment shame our country.
For allowing corporations to poison the population in the name of free enterprise and profit.
For calling any who seek a better life in this country “aliens.”
For calling any citizens “minorities.”
For all these sins, O Lord, hold us responsible, punish us, make us repent.

I also am fascinated by the Yom Kippur Sermon, “It’s Time for Peace,” written by M.J. Rosenberg. In it he details, The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million,” a new book written by Daniel Mendelsohn. The writer’s search for the truth behind his family’s tragic past in World War II becomes a remarkably original epic – part memoir, part reportage, part mystery, and part scholarly detective work – that brilliantly explores the nature of time and memory, family and history. The Lost transforms the story of one family into a profound, morally searching meditation on our fragile hold on the past. Deeply personal, grippingly suspenseful, and beautifully written, this literary tour de force illuminates all that is lost, and found, in the passage of time.

A Family Tradition

Every year my sweetheart slaves over the aisles of card marts, endeavoring to find the perfect card. Of course, it is always Golden. But, this year he outdid himself. It was Golden (for our Alfie) and kitty-respecting (for our Cindy) and mushy as well. Oh, and I almost forgot, he always provides his and the furkids’ signatures . . . (be sure to click on the card to see)

Click on this card to see the mush & drawings within!

Click on this card to see the mush & signatures within!


Giving Hanukkah equal time

Who knew that my visit to The Daily Beast would net such wealth about the holiday. I learned that in honor of the holiday of Hanukkah, a new song just came out. It’s sung by the brother of Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) and Y-Love, a black Jewish rapper.

I learned about the song after reading a cool posting from Benyamin Cohen entitled, Jesus Made Me a Better Jew. There I learned about his new book, My Jesus Year: A Rabbi’s Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith.

I visited his blog to learn more. This is how the book is described:

One day a Georgia-born son of an Orthodox rabbi discovers that his enthusiasm for Judaism is flagging. He observes the Sabbath, he goes to synagogue, and he even flies to New York on weekends for a series of “speed dates” with nice, eligible Jewish girls. But, something is missing. Looking out of his window and across the street at one of the hundreds of churches in Atlanta, he asks, “What would it be like to be a Christian?”

So begins Benyamin Cohen’s hilarious journey that is My Jesus Year—part memoir, part spiritual quest, and part anthropologist’s mission. Among Cohen’s many adventures (and misadventures), he finds himself in some rather unlikely places: jumping into the mosh-pit at a Christian rock concert, seeing his face projected on the giant JumboTron of an African-American megachurch, visiting a potential convert with two young Mormon missionaries, attending a Christian “professional wrestling” match, and waking up early for a sunrise Easter service on top of Stone Mountain—a Confederate memorial and former base of operations for the KKK.

During his year-long exploration, Cohen sees the best and the worst of Christianity—from megachurches to storefront churches; from crass commercialization of religion to the simple, moving faith of the humble believer; from the profound to the profane to the just plain laughable. Throughout, he keeps an open heart and mind, a good sense of humor, and takes what he learns from Christianity to reflect on his own faith and relationship to G-d. By year’s end, to Cohen’s surprise, his search for universal answers and truths in the Bible Belt actually make him a better Jew.

One need not be Jewish, Christian or even a seeker to enjoy this wonderful loop around the Bible Belt. Cohen writes that what he learned from the year’s spiritual journey was that there are many paths people take to find faith in G-d and there are more similarities than differences in various religions.

More Howl-o-ween fun!

Oh my, what must these Goldens be thinking about this nonsense.

Oh my, what must these Goldens be thinking about this nonsense.

What a Ladybug: 8-month-old Golden Retriever Maeve

This is really “princess” Maeve. According to her Mom Katie, it took almost a month to get her to wear this ladybug costume. It started with one-minute sessions, no less, and she still would not wear the antenna!


A Crabby Golden Retriever Luke

A Crabby Golden Retriever Luke

This next fun (partially costumed) event came to me from my Golden pal, Geoff.

A New Jersey Golden rescue he is involved with, Shore Hearts Golden Retriever Rescue, set a new record at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival. Their “Puppy Kissing Booth” took in over $800.

Pro-kisser Joey did most of the work but she needed breaks and a talented Bullpen filled in.

Click here to see a wonderful Photo Slide Show. It is filled with Goldens, Poodles, and Golden Doodles! Geoff was surely very busy at this event between looking after his Golden Sam and Doodle Bandit, and taking so many marvelous photos to capture the event.

Golden Retriever Joey at work!

Golden Retriever Joey at work!

A Golden holiday card tradition

It is very tough on Gary at holidays because he must always try and find a new Golden card that I have not seen. He goes from store to store on the quest, even though I have told him he is being silly, as any card will do. The next fun part of getting cards from Gary is how he signs them. Sometimes he draws different shaped paws to signify cat or dog next to the names of our furkids. But, it is the ordering of names that is the most intriguing. Poor honey, he keeps putting himself last, even though he is truly not at the bottom of the totem pole.


(outside of card with a glittering heart that was so sweet)