Meet Golden Retrievers Tango and Disco

So fascinating to see K9 Musical Freestyle Training begin at a mere 8 weeks of age. Just amazing what Linda Farr is doing with this little guy.


Here’s Linda with Golden Retriever Disco, doing a nursing home demonstration. These are much harder than you can imagine. The space that you typically have is very confining so you need to be very creative in what you can safely perform.

You can learn more about freestyle training here:

ALFIE – Our *Golden* 11th Birthday Boy – Updated

A Baby Alfie

I’m so happy that Alfie is celebrating his 11th birthday today (you can see him from my first day with him on here: I never made it this far, getting to 11, that is. Okay, not me, but my Alfie boy. He celebrated 11 years of happiness (I hope) today. Cancer took my other babies so I am holding out hope that Alfie will make it a bit longer.

But, I am definitely not greedy. There is plenty to be thankful for as there are a bazillion fabulous scenes that will hopefully play over and over in my head for some time to come.

I had never before done the party thing or even gotten a cake for my boy. But, I figured this was truly a momentous occasion. So, he had his first take of cake today. Now, I will never be left alone again when sneaking a piece for myself.

He has gotten so many special surprises. Just check out the organic Carrot Peanut Butter Bubba Rose Birthday Cake and the Mimi-Green Swiss Velvet Custom Name-Embroidered Collar.

The infamous window response to my calling out, "WHO'S THERE?"

Alfie has stolen my heart .... so I knew I needed to add a heart to his wonderful new collar.

Spoiled, you say?  Nah . . . . . . . . .

P.S.: Funny hubby Gary just asked why half the cake was still in the refrigerator. Surely, his birthday boy Alfie should have been given the entire cake to wolf down in 5 seconds flat. Major fail, of course.

P.P.S.: A fun clip of Alfie’s very first freestyle lesson with Carolyn Scott

Golden Alfie just loves watching the fish and frogs in the pond. His tail never stops wagging. Ever. And, the song, Sunny Skies, by James Taylor ( ) is just perfect.

Frisbee …. a dog’s delight!

This is Deb Walz’s Golden Retriever Selka, or more formally, Sandhill’s Goldust Selka. A lover of the sport no matter what the season, he also enjoys dumping snow from his Frisbee onto his head! Now, that is what we call one thinking Golden! According to Deb, Selka is a joy to everyone who knows him and spends his time retrieving, working as a therapy dog or laying in Mom’s lap. You can learn more about the sport of Canine Frisbee here.

Frisbee is on my mind today since I just learned that Fred Morrison, once a World War II fighter pilot and inventor of what became known as the Frisbee, died this week at age 90. He referred to his early flying discs as “Whirlo-Way” and “Pluto Platter,” to capitalize on the flying saucer craze of the 1950s.

“It is impossible to fathom the impact Fred Morrison has had on the world through the invention of such a simple object know as the Frisbee,” said Kevin Givens, executive director of the World Flying Disc Federation.

Fred Morrison, Frisbee Inventor

I wonder if Fred knew how much his invention impacted the dog world. Canine Frisbee is enjoyed by casual enthusiasts and professional competitors alike. I love this Russian Golden’s skills and fine movement.

And, our favorite canine competitor and all-around sweet lady, Pam Martin, of Top Dog Dallas, is just wonderful at combining Frisbee with Canine Freestyle. Spy is one intense dude, that’s for sure. And, of course, super talented!

This is wrong on so many levels

Do not do this at home. This is not canine freestyle. Asking a large breed dog such as a Golden Retriever to move about on two feet is just so dangerous. It simply shows no respect for a Golden’s bone structure, and how hard such movement would be on the body. Overall, the dance moves are just ridiculous. Imitating human dance is not what freestyle is about. It is about incorporating a dog’s natural movement into a routine. And, don’t get me started on the costuming.

This video just turns the entire exercise and the sport into a comedy routine, which you can tell by the reactions. That is not what we want viewers to get out of this sport.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Btw, here is how Canine Freestyle is defined by the Musical Dog Sport Association (MDSA):

A dog sport in which training, teamwork, music and movement combine to create an artistic, choreographed performance highlighting the canine partner in a manner that celebrates the unique qualities of each individual dog. It is built upon the foundation of a positive working relationship of a dog and handler team.

I know a little bit about the sport, having trained and performed in it myself. And, of course, I’ve learned from the best, including that of the renowned Carolyn Scott.

Golden to Collie . . . . Oh my!

Our favorite Golden lady, Carolyn Scott, has been grieving for some time since her beloved Rookie left her side almost 15 months ago. She had also lost her Golden Rescue boy, Maverick, to cancer and a beloved kitty. It was just Zita, her lovely standard Poodle, providing that much needed furlove, and Zita has been mighty ill as well.

Well, today I received a happy post. Of course, it began with the typical Texas greeting of “Howdy”.

Here are the pictures of my new dog.  I have re-named him “Cash”.  Isn’t he a cutie?  I adopted him from Collie Rescue. He is 5-months-old.

As of yesterday Laddie became “Cash Scott”. :  )

Cash is doing great! Randy loves the name since I have already been to Petsmart to buy him lots of toys and bones. :  )

I am thrilled for Carolyn, and not terribly mystified by her choice in breed. Rookie was truly that once-in-a-lifetime dog and it may be quite some time before she can cross back into the Golden arena.

My hubby Gary’s first dog was a Collie, named Laddie, no less. So, he was a touch less thrilled that Carolyn changed her boy’s name. Oh well.

Carolyn has also been a Collie lover from way back, her very first dog as a child being a Sable & White Collie boy named Rascal. She thought he was the smartest dog she had ever seen.

Auntie Rochelle is really upset with Carolyn’s choice of places to buy her new love’s toys and treats. Given all the cancer out there, and problems with a suspect food supply, we just can’t be too careful. I certainly am not with my Golden boy Alfie.

Please check out my page on Polluted Pets as a reminder . . . . while I bundle up a much-needed care package for Cash that will include organic toys, organic treats and free-range USDA chews.

Maybe, I can even get Carolyn to switch to Canine Life’s home-cooked organic puppy formulation for her sweetie. I have been using it for years and cannot imagine better peace of mind than that of knowing that he is getting the best of the best.