Rooting for a Golden Alfie relative – Updated 3x

Ch Verdoro White Chocolate Chunk ("Scotti")

A relative of our English type Golden Retriever Alfie is competing at Westminster. The sporting dogs, which includes Golden Retrievers, compete tomorrow night so I sure am looking forward to seeing Scotti in action.

This gorgeous boy, Ch Verdoro White Chocolate Chunk (Scotti), was bred by Susan Houtz & Ann Greenbank.

It is Scotti’s sire, Can CH Haydene Commador OS (Fred), who is in both pedigrees.

Fred is the sire to Scotti, but the grand-sire or granddad to Alfie.


Click on this attentive Golden below to see the video of all the 37 Goldens competing last year at Westminster.


Here are 40 Goldens competing in the ring:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ch Toasty's Treasure Island ("Treasure") - 08, 09 & 10 Westminster BOB & 08 National BOB Winner

The 2010 winner for the Golden group is Ch Toasty’s Treasure Island, a sweetheart who has amazingly won at Westminster for 3 years running. She also won at the GRCA Nationals in 2008. Yet, it is disappointing that she could not go on to take the sporting group.

What is also amazing is that those 3 puppers above in my masthead are from a litter of this winning darling girl’s grand-sire. Those 3 puppies were so fat and so cute and their dad, Hubbell (Ch. MY Sky Watcher SDHF, OS) has been influential in many pedigrees.

I have an online veterinarian pal on the inside at the show. Janet Tobiassen DVM, of Guide to Veterinary Medicine, is having a wonderful time meeting various dogs. I sent her on a mission to find Scotti but so far she has not had any luck as I do not have access to the handler’s name. I am still hoping, though, that she may see him. In the meantime, she shared this gorgeous photo from the show. The Goldens are in the ring today at 2:30pm. Scotti will be the number 34 Golden. I’m hoping Dr. Janet will be in the audience. We won’t get to see the Goldens in the ring on TV but a video online will hopefully be posted later tonight.

Gorgeous Golden at 2010 Westminster Show. Photo by Dr. Janet Tobiassen


Golden Retrievers shining at Westminster 2009 Show

Click on this attentive Golden below to see the video of all the 37 Goldens competing this afternoon at Westminster.


Best of Breed

Best of Breed - Ch Toasty's Treasure Island (bitch)

Best of Opposite Sex

Best of Opposite Sex - Ch Goodtime's Johnny Bee Good (dog)

A Dripping Wet Golden Retriever Lilly

What is it about photos of wet Goldens? Don’t you just love this Daily News photo by Brett Marshall.

Still dripping with cool water from the hose, 18-month-old golden retriever Lilly waits patiently while Kathy Holzheuer finishes giving her a bath. “You’re as wet as the dog when you’re done, and the dog looks better than you,” Holzheuer said. Before a show she will bathe each dog three to four times and spend nearly 10 hours grooming each one.

Golden Retriever Summit set to compete


Outlook golden for dog show
BY JEFF NACHTIGAL, Californian staff writer

By 8 a.m. on Saturday, Marjorie Blake will be ringside at the Kern County Fairgrounds, ready to show the first of her four golden retrievers. Based on his previous triumphs, Blake’s 2-year-old champion Summit will be one of the final goldens to take his turn around the ring.

Of all the dogs she has raised over the years, Blake says Summit may be her best.

For Blake, it will be her 25th year showing dogs, including annual trips to New York for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. For 2-year-old Summit, the show will be another step toward a possible No. 1 national rating in the special class reserved for champion dogs.

There’s more plus a great video of Summit in training. . . .

Golden Retriever Cameo is Top Dog

Owner retrieves a top dog rosette
By Peterborough Today News Staff

POSH pooch Cameo showed she was the creme de la creme as she scooped a prize at the world’s most prestigious dog show. The prize dog, from Gedney Hill, near Wisbech, beat tough competition from 18 other golden retrievers including a show champion.

Her owner, Diana Cruttwell, has attended the prestigious dog show twice now, and both times left as a winner. The two-year-old golden retriever, known as Ashbyglen Creme de la Creme, wowed the judges and won her undergraduate class.

Mrs Cruttwell said she was proud to walk away with one of the famous red rosettes. She said: “To have won any place in the class would have been fine but coming first was just amazing.”

The answer to my Golden Retriever Rotten question

Recently, I had some posts ( here and here) about the 2007 Westminster show. It was so cool for me to actually know the sire of the winning Golden (Rotten), shown here, who took the breed this year at the Garden.

Those 3 puppers above in my masthead are from a litter of this dude’s sire. In other words, they are all half-siblings to Golden Rotten. And, you can see how sweet and lovely they are.

Well, I had wondered how Happy Hour Highmark Toasty wound up with a call name of Rotten. So, I contacted Marsha York (Hubbell’s mom), but she would not tell. She said I had to find out from his owners. I did not have their email but I did have one for the breeder, Maura. So, of course, I wrote to her. And, now I’ve got the scoop to tell all. Here is her reply:

Yes, I know the story and it goes like this: Rotten was one of two pups from the final litter of my foundation bitch, BVISS Ch. Highmark Torn Between Two Loves, OD bred to Hubbell at the national in Florida where Tory had just won Best Veteran in Sweepstakes. I sent the puppy to Pam and Gerry at 8 weeks by plane and had attached to the crate all of his paperwork along with a letter telling all the details and how this was the “See” litter and suggesting they use the name: Happy Hour Highmark See I’m Toasty and call him Dean-o. He had to have all three kennel names and we were concerned about the letter limits from AKC. Of course, Pam and Gerry do not open this packet. They let the puppy out and he immediately begins biting on Pammy’s ankles and she says, “You’re just Rotten!” and he’s been Rotten ever since.

Rotten finished 2006 as the number 3 golden (Purina list) and his nephew, Coach (Ch. Happy Hr Highmark Bad News Bears) finished number 2 and got a JAM at the Garden! I am so proud of both the boys. It is my understanding that Rotten is going home to Florida to keep producing beautiful pups, while Coach is still on the road campaigning for 2007!

Thanks for asking and for your appreciation of the boys! — Maura Phelan, Happy Hour Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Hubbell is one proud dad! — Updated 2x

UPDATE 2: I just heard from Marsha York, Hubbell’s breeder. She was so thankful that I was acknowledging her special boy. She and her husband John were there at the Garden cheering Rotten on.

Hubbell is surely a special dog, already having been awarded from the GRCA as an OS (Outstanding Sire) and SDHF (Show Dog Hall of Fame) entrant.

UPDATE 1: They have the video up that shows all the Goldens being judged by the famous Jeffrey Pepper. Just click here.

They don’t have the video clip yet of the Golden judging from Westminster, but I looked and they picked the dog for Best of Breed. He is Ch Happy Hour Highmark Toasty.

I do not know the dog but I do know that the sire of this winning dog is the same sire with respect to the photos I took of those adorable 3 pups you see in my masthead above.


That sire is Hubbell (shown above), or more formally, Ch. MY SkyWatcher OS SDHF. He is quite handsome, and has fathered many winning dogs. He is a Golden from breeder Marsha York, of MY Golden Retrievers.

Juniors in the Big Ring – Good Luck to Golden Mojo!

Greeley residents hope for good showing at Westminster Dog Show
By Sara Crocker with photo by Hillary Wheat, The Tribune

Setting foot on the floor of Madison Square Garden for the first time has long been held as the measure for rock stars and athletes to know they’ve arrived.

Tuesday will mark the second time Alyssa Grossnickle will have both feet planted at the Garden.

The budding 14-year-old dog handler from Greeley will be showing her golden retriever, Mojo, in the Junior Showmanship competition at the Westminster Kennel Club’s 131st annual Dog Show. It will be her second visit to the show in three years.

“As an 11-year-old, I was overwhelmed,” said Grossnickle of her first trip.

Grossnickle is currently ranked first in the country among juniors for golden retrievers, third in sporting breeds and seventh overall for 2006, according to American Kennel Club rankings.

There’s more . . . .

Golden Cashew going to the Big Show

The leader of the pack
By Lydia Crafts/Staff Writer

Wouldn’t you like a prize for just being yourself? Alas, this almost never happens unless you’re in kindergarten or a dog — a champion dog at that.

Since you’re not going to get the prize, you can rest assured that if anyone deserves it, it’s Cashew, a 5-year-old male golden retriever from Winchester. On Feb. 12 to 13 he will be competing in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a world famous and exclusive competition that has been celebrating purebred dogs for over 100 years.

For this year’s show, 37 golden retrievers chosen from across the country will be competing for the title. There are 162 different breeds and over 2,500 dogs altogether that participate in the Westminster Dog Show. The winner’s of their breed group go onto compete for the highest honor, “Best in Show,” (just like the movie).

The canines’ task is not as easy as it seems. They must demonstrate the qualities held to be characteristic of golden retrievers, meaning they have to act like loving family dogs and have the right size and dimensions.

“What the judges look for is how the dog meets the standard of what the breed should be,” said Christy Regan, Cashew’s owner. “No matter how beautiful the dog is, it won’t win unless it has the temperament of a golden.”

Given Cashew’s personality, it seems like he’ll be fierce competition. Regan said Cashew likes all the activities most golden retrievers go for, such as playing ball, swimming and rolling in the mud. When Regan takes Cashew to the park, she said he’s so friendly and gentle that he cures kids from their fear of dogs.

“Cashew truly exemplifies the temperament of a golden retriever,” said Regan. “He loves his family and he’s great with kids.”

If you plan to attend the show, you won’t recognize him as Cashew, since he’ll be performing with his show name, “Champion Wedgewood Daybreak I Luv New York.” Regan explained that “Wedgewood” and “Daybreak” are the names of kennels and “I Luv New York” was because Cashew was born soon after Sept. 11.

There’s more . . . .

Golden Truman going to Westminster


Going to the big show

By Ashley Rhodebeck, Daily News staff writer

Four-year-old Truman, an American and Canadian Champion Golden Retriever, stands as his handler Kristilyn Falkenthal displays him upon receiving yet another award in January. Truman, who is groomed by Falkenthal’s mother Deb Oster of Beloit, will travel to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show later this month.

‘Truman’ slated to compete at Westminster

About a year ago, Truman was a 3-year-old Golden Retriever too shy to compete in dog shows. By July, he received Best in Show in Duluth, Minn., and surprised his owner the first time she saw him compete.“She had tears streaming down her face,” said Truman’s groomer Deb Oster, of Beloit.

Oster and her daughter, handler Kristilyn Falkenthal, transformed Truman into Champion Sandpiper’s Give ‘m ‘H’ Harry, an award winning dog on his way to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York later this month.

When the mother and daughter began entering Truman in competitions, they had humble goals of making the top 20 list of dogs. Once they started winning one award after another, they kept upping the ante. Getting to Westminster was “icing on the cake,” Oster said.

As Oster chats about Truman’s success, the docile retriever makes his way to her chair, his paws clicking on the hardwood floor and sliding a bit on its surface. He kneels before her, long golden coat gleaming, and places his snout on her lap.

“Truman doesn’t know anything about personal space,” Oster said.

Comb in hand, Oster begins grooming Truman as if it’s an unconscious habit. Keeping Truman in full coat year-round is tough, she said, and all the hair makes him pant even when sitting down.

There’s more . . .