Supporting Golden Retriever Rescue – Fun “Crash!” Children’s Book

I have to first apologize to author, Mayra Calvani, as it has taken forever to be well enough to start working on my stockpile of fun Golden Finds again. Mayra has created Crash!, a fun children’s book that is just perfect for youngsters out there who would love to have a new puppy of their own.

She is a loving mom to a Golden herself, and is donating a huge 50% of this charming book’s royalties to the incredible organization,  Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary. Please go check it out and think about making a purchase to help the cause.

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To follow up our original Biscuit article . . . . .

It’s true: Time and tide wait for no pup, too
By Michael O’Rourke, San Antonio Express-News

“I can’t believe it, Daddy. She’s growing so fast.”It wasn’t lost on me that the very girl making the observation about her baby growing so fast was, in fact, my baby, and I had made the very same observation about her every day for the past 13 years. My 13-year-old baby was staring at her 10-week-old baby. Biscuit, the golden retriever puppy who inspired the growth observation, has only been with us for a few weeks. In those few weeks, I think it is safe to say, Biscuit has more than doubled in size.

It is freaky how fast puppies grow. When I return home in the evening I swear the dog grew while I was at work. If the dog was a professional baseball player there might be speculation about the sudden size increase. Any fetch records Biscuit might break would forever be tainted by an asterisk next to them in the record books. Surely this dog is taking some sort of supplement.

Sometimes I catch myself staring at the dog. I feel positive I will catch a glimpse of actual growth. You know, like stop action photography of a flower blooming or a building being constructed. I listen for the sound of bone stretching. The dog is like the Incredible Hulk on an anger binge.

“Make it stop, Daddy. Or at least slow it down.”


All it Took was a Biscuit

All it Took was a Biscuit to Make my Baby’s Dream Come True
By Michael O’Rourke, San Antonio Express-News

I thought my days of getting up in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby were over. The chapter of my life where I warmed milk, mashed food and cleaned up “accidents” was written. I hadn’t planned on being spit up on again until my pregnant sister gives birth later this year and my soon-to-be-born niece baptizes my shoulder. Yet, for three days in a row, I have staggered out of bed in the middle of the night to tend to a newborn bladder. I lovingly scoop the baby up in my arms, go out into the front yard and plop the baby down. “Go potty, Biscuit.”That’s right. We have a new puppy. Birth order often determines pet ownership. Oldest children get the first pet. Oldest children get to pick the dog or cat and the other siblings enter a family that already has an animal. My middle daughter, Sarah, was no exception. Her older sister had won the pet lottery by being born first. Sarah has always wanted her own dog. For years I told her that, someday, it would happen.

It started when she was in kindergarten. At the book fair Sarah picked up “Hello, Biscuit.” Biscuit was a golden retriever puppy.