Ut oh ;)

I think my blogging days are now going to be quite limited. I’ve just been too out of commission and need to concentrate my energies on only a few areas. It is much easier to provide information at my Facebook page, and for folks to interact with me there at  https://www.facebook.com/landofpuregold .

Did you know that I have been . . . . .
1. Online 12 years providing fun prize-filled contests, raising monies for rescue & dogs in need, and now funding cancer research & treatment?
2. Writing new and interesting content at my landofpuregold.com site (1000+ pages)?
3. Receiving thousands of visits daily at my landofpuregold.com site?
4. Having folks follow Land of PureGold Foundation (https://twitter.com/#!/landofpuregold/) on Twitter (746+)?
5. Having folks friend me (https://www.facebook.com/RochelleLesser.LOPG) on Facebook (1485+)?

But, despite my efforts, whether for serious contemplation or just a positive lift, I’ve only managed to get 100+ folks to “LIKE” my Land of PureGold Foundation page (https://www.facebook.com/landofpuregold) at Facebook.

Sooooo, let’s see who is paying attention this nice, cool and somewhat rainy Sunday morning.

To get folks more interested in what I am doing through my foundation, over the next several months I will be giving away various goodies that I sell at the foundation store for those folks who have “LIKED” the Land of PureGold Foundation page (https://www.facebook.com/landofpuregold) at Facebook. It could be edibles, apparel, toys, cards & stickers, and more.

Here is the first fun challenge! Up until 11:59 est Monday night Oct 10th, I am asking folks to weigh in on “The Dirty Dozen” that I talk about at my site. I feel the information is very important and want to hear from other folks about their thoughts. One person for every five who respond will randomly be selected to receive a FREE gift.

Remember, only those folks who have “LIKED” the Land of PureGold Foundation page  at Facebook can play! And, you must be a Facebook member to make comments at this page.