Following the *Golden* Brick Road

The Land of PureGold Foundation Store items typify our organic, eco-friendly, chemical-free view of wellness and prevention, allowing you to shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.

Be sure to learn about how we are polluting our pets and what can be done to minimize the damage. Visit the Specials & New Arrivals pages for our latest finds, sales, bonus gifts, and items with Free Shipping.

And, remember, it is only through your purchases that we are able to fund cancer treatment for working dogs.

COMING SOON just 4 our locals! — We’ve decided to carry some unique frozen items such as raw bones, frozen yogurt, and goat’s milk for both dogs & cats. This is for pickup only for those accessible to our Owings Mills, MD location. Other products that we stock (some supplements, chews, treats, books, cards, apparel, toys) will also be available. What a great way to save on shipping costs and catch Golden Mom Rochelle using her favorite products, such as the MUST HAVE YardPup & Paw Pooper Scooper.

Please CONTACT US if you may be interested so that we can gauge interest.