Golden Retriever Amber: Serious vs. Smile & lots more

I have blogged about Malaysia’s Amber-Mae before but had to put up this latest video as there was 1 part that just made me smile inside. Be sure to watch very carefully as Amber’s mom, Melissa-Jane, gets her to show two opposite emotions: serious and happy (by smiling).

Amber definitely knows what’s coming and loves making Mom happy. She loves the game so much that on her last time to show serious you can see just how hard it is for her not to smile instead. It is just too cute.

Be on the lookout for the hug Chloe trick. That’s a first. I just love this trick. What a nice video. All the dogs in the background are so well behaved as well, just letting Amber do all the work.

I also love the one Golden who seems out of it resting, but is quick enough to snatch one of Amber’s reward treats.