A bad penny always turns up

Ut oh. I have an unfortunate update about the infamous Scott Shields, a convicted felon of fake Ground Zero 9/11 fame. Golden Retriever Bear would be so disappointed. (For a complete background click here.)

Teflon Scott seems to have skipped any consequences for his actions once again. Despite pleading guilty to breaking probation, his sentencing on January 14, 2011 resulted in few penalties.

Click here to see the court document so listing the new parameters for Scott’s continued probation. In summary, further stipulations for Scott’s supervised release include his:

  1. Filing all delinquent or amended IRS tax returns, properly reporting correct taxable income and claiming only allowable expenses.
  2. Not possessing any law enforcement id, such as Police Dept, Fire Dept, or Military shields or badges.
  3. Shutting down the Bear Search and Rescue website no later than Jan 21, 2011.
  4. No longer selling books entitled, Bear: America’s Most Decorated Dog or Bear: Heart of a Hero.

It is now February 28, 2011 and the site is still up in its entirety. The home page (http://www.bearsearchandrescue.org/index.htm) appears rather than a holder page so indicating no working site at the address. And, while it conveniently indicates the foundation’s closure, one can still access every page by going to the following links:


And, Scott provides a link at his front home page to now link to his Youtube site, so confusing folks with his continued obfuscation.

The Whois data provides the following information for the person (JT Vogt of UniServe) maintaining the website:
JT Vogt
W5910 Genske Rd.
Black Creek, Wisconsin 54106
Phone: 920-984-1199
Fax: 920-562-7722
Email: lfm@amber.unisrv.net

Mr. Vogt, a personal pal to Scott Shields, refuses to respond to repeated requests to remove the site. This is despite the court order from the U.S. District Court in the District of New Jersey, signed by the honorable judge Freda L. Wolfson on January 14, 2011. FYI: Ignoring a district court order is a serious offense punishable by up to a year in Federal Prison and a fine of up to $1000.00.

I continue to receive emails from folks who see Scott at flea markets selling his book or asking for money for his foundation. But, I am unable to do anything about it. If you have had less than appropriate dealings with Scott Shields, you may want to write to the judge and relay your experience. Be sure to reference the case number:  United States v. Scott Shields CRIM NO. 10-147-01 (FLW). Or, if you would like to find out why the site remains up despite the court order, you could write a letter to Judge Wolfson. Her address is:

Honorable Freda L. Wolfson, United Stated District Judge
United States District Court
Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building & Courthouse
50 Walnut Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102


5 thoughts on “A bad penny always turns up

  1. Yes, Scott is on the prowl at GZ. I did a presentation on February 13 at the WTC Tribute Center next to Ladder Company 10-10. Was informed that Shields tried to gain access to the Center. Fortunately, a FF who lost his son recognized him and banned him from entering the building. I followed up by talking to Chris – always knew that Scott Shields was a fake, but what I learned from Chris about further crimes SS committed was quite alarming. One think that I am sure will happen is the Shields will try to get involved in the 9/11 Anniversary. His picture should be put up/circulated at key events. Also, the 10th Precint on W 20th should be alerted: 212-741-8211. Could go one but I think that local media should be advised like CNN/Cooper and other investigative reporters. Thanks for your ongoing campaign to inform and hopefully remove this convict.

  2. I Met this fraud at a flea market a few years ago. He spent some time giving me this semi convincing story how he and his dog are famous for search and rescue actions at the WTC and Katrina.
    I being involved with public service myself questioned his position. I was told he patrolled the NY harbor.
    For about an hour I heard this man sound his own horn unlike anyone else in any rescuers position would. More so it appeared to be an effort to prove himself and his position rather then just tell the WTC story. he had a heat exhausted dog Theo with him (i gave the dog water) on a leash that had ID’s of some sort (I should have looked at them- MY BAD)
    This scammer did convince me enough to purchase a book (which he had no business selling)and T shirt with a fraudulent organization on it. The sad thing about this- as he was selling me the shirt, and book and telling me about his site HE WAS ALREADY CHARGED WITH THE FRAUD and I didn’t know it. He is disgusting and needs to be put away.

  3. If you saw Scott at GZ recently you should take the time to contact either the judge or the probation officer. Leaving New Jersey is actually a violation of his supervised release conditions.

    It’s shameful that he continues his misrepresentations.

  4. I was at Katrina with SS. A real piece of work While our team and the 82nd Airborne went out everyday he sat in his SUV with the A/C going full blast. He did emerge in time to attend briefings that he had absolutly business attending and speak to the media about operations that he did not participate in. At one point he was attenpting to speak for the U.S. Coast Guard (without their knowledge or consent). I never saw him do anything in Katrina.

  5. You should write to the judge and let her know. And, also ask why he keeps getting away with everything …. including keeping his foundation going online, even still asking for donations.

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