Golden Retriever Ronan back with more tricks

On September 28th, I shared the story of  RONAN: Golden puppy bowling cheater. To remind folks, here was the description of the scene in the video (shown again below):

My brother challenged me to teach my 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Ronan, to bowl….. now if only I could keep him from cheating! I laugh every time I watch this…. so I had to share.


Well, Ronan’s mom just wrote to me, with news of her Golden boy’s latest achievement.

In September 2010, I was informed by youtube that you posted a video of my puppy, Ronan, learning to bowl on your website. Wanted to send you another video of my boy that will make you smile. Ronan has been such a blessing in my life, as he was a gift when I had my hip replaced for the 2nd time at age 39. I lost my job due to my health issues and Ronan has been such a light in my day to day life…. that I wanted to share his “grin” with you as I’m reading that you have health struggles too. Hope you get some relief soon.  Hugs- Colleen



And, just in case you are wondering (since I must admit I was), the bottle is a plush dog toy that makes a beer pouring noise when you squeeze it.


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