Ut oh ……… he’s baaaaaaack!

Ut oh. I have an unfortunate update about the infamous Scott Shields, a convicted felon of fake Ground Zero 9/11 fame.

Golden Retriever Bear would be so disappointed, especially since good ole dad has been stealing money in Bear’s name.

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P.S.: It is simply amazing how some so called journalists continue to just copy work from others, work that had been proved false long ago. This week the NY Daily News had “Bear” named one of ten heroes of the decade. It appeared in an article by Larry McShane, entitled: DECADE OF HEROES.

Under a three inch color photo of Bear, was written: “The City paid homage to a heroic canine named Bear. This golden retriever found the most bodies in the 9/11 rubble. The pooch, killed by toxins from the toppled towers, was remembered with a ceremony at the Intrepid-Sea-Air-Space Museum.”

Sadly, Bear appears with nine other genuinely “real” NYC heroes. If you have a moment, please let Larry McShane know what you think about his reporting in terms of keeping this felon’s myth alive so that he can squeeze more money out of some innocent folks. His email address is: lmcshane@nydailynews.com.


Collie Jack helps with Baby Seal found in Garden

A seal pup was recently found by a family in their back garden, 18 miles inland! I just love how Collie Jack pitched right in to help.

“My daughter was out with our dog Jack in the snow when she came in and said ‘There’s a seal in the garden’. I said ‘No, it must be an otter’. We all went out and under the hedge was a seal looking quite chirpy and slithering around in the snow.”

It is thought the pup, which is just under a year old, emerged from the tiny stream at the bottom of the garden after swimming up the River Rother which leads out to the English Channel.

Prof Dwyer, who works at London South Bank University, said: ”I went back indoors and rang the RSPCA and police. The seal made its way across the garden into the pond, where it sat happily staring out of the pond in an enchanting way with its eyes just above the water.”

The family tried to contain the seal with the aid of collie Jack before assistance arrived. Prof Dwyer, 51, said: ”He was very good and, as collies do, he has a rounding instinct. The dog was quite happy to keep it in one place.