A Gaggle of Goldens

As I told Mitch, I would never be able to handle all the brushing with this many Goldens, or actually deal with the neediness. Goldens just are such love sponges. Mitch says this about his Golden family: “This my group. My loves. This is my life.”


Mitch’s Mob (click to get a supersized view)

Sadly, one of his bunch—his Sparky—has a rapidly spreading (not able to be contained or stopped) cancer, that will soon take him from his Dad’s side. My heart is with him, as our Darcy had a similar type of cancer. Nothing can diminish the souls within, but it is quite disturbing to see a beloved one eaten away, from inside out.


One thought on “A Gaggle of Goldens

  1. I clicked for the big pic. Now I think I have to brush my monitor.
    – – – – – – – – – – – –

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