From Dr. Greg: First aid for dogs bleeding from a cut or broken nail

Dr. Greg Martinez, of Dog Dish Diet fame, is just marvelous and has a MUST-SEE video that I only wish I had seen years before. I definitely need to get some of the nail cups he demonstrated for broken nails. Better yet, I need a veterinarian to move in next door.


A Gaggle of Goldens

As I told Mitch, I would never be able to handle all the brushing with this many Goldens, or actually deal with the neediness. Goldens just are such love sponges. Mitch says this about his Golden family: “This my group. My loves. This is my life.”


Mitch’s Mob (click to get a supersized view)

Sadly, one of his bunch—his Sparky—has a rapidly spreading (not able to be contained or stopped) cancer, that will soon take him from his Dad’s side. My heart is with him, as our Darcy had a similar type of cancer. Nothing can diminish the souls within, but it is quite disturbing to see a beloved one eaten away, from inside out.

Fred Stone is amazing

Yes, Fred Stone is amazing. And, for anyone bothering to see this blog post or my tweet today, s/he will receive a 10% refund on any purchase of his horse or dog art & giftware.

Fred Stone is considered to be the most famous painter of thoroughbred racing in the world.His work is in the homes of some of the world’s most notable people including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in the office of the president in the White House. And, more people own a Fred Stone print than that of any other horse artist in history, making him the most sought after equine artist in the world.

Mr. Stone now has a new 2010 book out ― Reflections on a Golden Age: The Racing Art of FRED STONE.

Fred Stone’s last book, released in 1985, was sold out in only three months. Today it is valued at $500 to $700.

This large coffee table book encompasses his life’s work while offering an opportunity to experience Racing’s Golden Age in his own words. The 110-page, 12″ x 13″ book contains 60 full page color reproductions, plus his own personal reflections on each of these great horses. Each book is signed by Fred Stone and is accompanied by either a Print or Canvas Giclée.

The Zenyatta – Mike Smith Up Print, which is 22″ x 15″, is signed by artist Fred Stone and jockey Mike Smith. The Zenyatta – Mike Smith Up Giclée, which is 24″ x 16.5″ in a limited edition of 300, is signed & numbered by artist Fred Stone and jockey Mike Smith. It is provided on stretcher bars ready for framing. A Giclée has the look of an original oil painting.

Fred is quite famous, though, in the dog world as well.

The image here, of a Golden Search and Rescue team from Dade County, Florida, is one that will forever touch our hearts, our own framed copy gazed upon daily. It features ASPEN, a member of the Canine Search and Rescue Unit for approximately 5 years.

During that time she responded to numerous requests for assistance. ASPEN responded to federal requests to assist in search and rescue operations to include, the aftermath of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, earthquakes in Armenia Columbia, and the collapse of a six story building in Puerto Rico.

Be sure to click here to learn more about the history of this famous Golden team and Fred’s momentous undertaking. Entitled, PARTNERS, it is Fred’s most famous painting, and sales of its related merchandise has raised over a half million dollars for charities such as the ASPCA, Canine Search & Rescue, and the families of New York City Firefighters who died on 9/11.

We have all of his Partners collection, from teeshirt (sorry, these are now sold out) to fine china mug to personally signed poster.


Fred Stone Fine Art Partners Poster



Fred Stone Fine China Partners Mug