Anti-bullying Message: You’re perfect just the way you are

This video is about hope, acceptance, adjusting expectations, allowing others to be who they truly are & focusing on the can do’s in life which allows for a celebration of amazing outcomes. Hang in there, it WILL get better.  For more info go to


All grown up before you know it

Pretty Girl Katly

Pretty Girl Katly

On January 20, 2009, I learned about a loss in our Land of PureGold Foundation family. Marti Brown, one of our wonderful Board Members, lost her Golden Angel Carly girl to cancer. But, 4 months later Golden Katly became the newest family member. A real pistol, Marty says that Katly is the smartest Golden that she has ever had. Boy, she looks so grown up in this latest photo.

Golden Katly all grown up

Check out her astute observations of that the paw-covered pouch in the care package that Mom just received from our Foundation Store. It contains our cinnamon-enticing Healing Honey Heart cookies.

Whoa, what is that enticing smell?