GOLDEN patience

Golden Retriever Alfie & Feral Rescue Kitty Cindy

The video below reminds me of my Golden Alfie and kitty Cindy. Cindy does not often show much affection, but occasionally will begin rubbing against Alfie, headbutting him, or licking his face, head, and paws. He gets so nervous, afraid to look at her or even move. Since, most of the time she is swatting at him, he cannot understand what comes over her change in disposition.

There is actually a 3-video series of Golden Retriever Tulsa and Tabby Tiger attempting to become friends. This is part 3 of the ongoing “saga” of tiger, a buff colored tabby trying desperately to engage Golden Tulsa. Tulsa is an incredibly patient and good boy, but seems to just tolerate Tiger, looking like he’d rather run away!


5 thoughts on “GOLDEN patience

  1. That was precious!! I loved the look on Tulsa’s face the whole time. What a beautiful golden … he has kinked hair on his ears just like Tucker did. 🙂

  2. ok, that sweet golden looks FREAKED LOL – as if any moment he is expecting the cat to turn on him LOL

  3. Tulsa reminds me of my angel doggie Keelee (1995-2008) when rescue doggie Apples would try to initiate play. Keelee would freeze, but then would try to sniff Apples when she turned away.

    Sweet video:)

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