Surf Dog Ricochet – “An extra-ordinary miracle” fundraiser

Golden Retriever Ricochet is raising awareness & funds for Finnley who was born with brain damage, and not expected to live for more than 72 hours.

Finnley is definitely a miracle, as she continues to thrive, now 2 1/2 years of age!

Her brain damage left her with cerebral palsy, seizures, and vision impairment. She’s not able to walk or not at this time, but loves classical music.

Finnley also adores being in the water, as you can see by the smiles below in the video clip.

Swimming is very therapeutic for her, but the family has been using a community pool, and now want to purchase their own pool so she can get 4-6 hours of therapy a day.

To make a donation, go to


One thought on “Surf Dog Ricochet – “An extra-ordinary miracle” fundraiser

  1. these always make me cry – they are so wonderful. FUnny, watching that little girl, I suddenly remembered my own experience with the healing nature of dogs. When I was omly 13 I began babysitting for this wonderfl family. Their eldest son, Andrew was 2 when I began. He was severely physically impaired, no walking, talking, etc although you could see the intelligence in his big beautiful eyes. I had a samoyed Snowey when I was young – a big strong dog who LOVED kids. One day, when walking him, I dropped by andrew’s house to show him to the kids (at this point andrew was around 5 and had 2 younger siblings). He went NUTS when he saw snowey! He articulated as he did, flailed his arms and had a huge bright smile. I laid andrew along snowey’s back and the dog stood there, quite as a statue with that big samoyed grin. andrew was incandescent. from that point on (for years until my snowey died when I was 16 (he was 11)) I brought snowey down to spend time with andrew several times a week. I would harness him in the winter to a sled and he would pull the children – andrew always the first – in the summer he would lie in the shade with andrew lyng on his tummy – they had such a strong bond. I have other stories about snowey too including his bond with a severely manic depressive child on another street we lived on…

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