Softening the loss . . . . .

I recently discovered innovator, Patricia Moore’s, Soft-Hearted Products, a wonderful company that provides a way to soften pet loss by offering something that could be held close. Few things linger in our minds like the loss of a companion animal. Now, you can wrap your arms around a Soft-Hearted Pillow and hug the memories.

While this option may not be for everybody, it definitely is is a supple, huggable way to capture the love and tenderness that pet parents feel for their animal companions in a secure, yet soft, embraceable warm alternative.

Each year over 44 million pets are cremated with remains returned to bereaved owners in generic tin containers. “Now with my Soft-Hearted Pillow when someone suffers the loss of their pet, they’ll have the comfort of something soft to hold and keep close-by,” says Pati Moore.

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