Golden Alfie’s summertime views

My third newsletter has lots of fun and serious articles. You do not want to miss it. REALLY. Just click here. I only briefly talk about my hubby’s summertime obsessions, one being his garden. We are the only folks for miles around with such a garden, a huge organic garden that is unbelievable.

Check out the new raised beds and Inspector Alfie. I’ve also included some fun photos of Alfie at the pond. He really loves stalking the frogs, but we have to watch him as he has been known to catch a couple.

Be sure to click on the photos for supersized views!

Alfie outside our fenced garden (wood with deer fence attached to top)

Alf hanging out at the sugar snap peas, early in the season

One of the 3 raised beds showing early romaine & lettuce growth

Lots more growth from the early planting

Alfie at the pond

Alfie just checking it all out at the pond area


One thought on “Golden Alfie’s summertime views

  1. Alfie in the garden was the BEST way to get me interested in your newsletter! Just use a photograph of a Golden to get my attention anytime!
    Great newsletter, too!
    Thank you for your Love of Goldens!

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