Golden Cuddles ….. what special care

I think all us dog lovers would love having a veterinarian best friend, next door neighbor, relative, you name it—when things go wrong, we want assistance right away.

Well, meet 13-year-old Cuddles (what a name), a retired Australian Grand Champion Golden Retriever bred by Cath Perry and now in loving care of Dianne and Ross Perry.  Ross is better known as Sydney holistic vet, Dr. Ross Perry. Check out the video below as he shows you Cuddles’ new malady, her exhibiting neurological signs of nystagmus and vestibular disease, filmed while out for a drive today.


2 thoughts on “Golden Cuddles ….. what special care

  1. My heart & soul doggie Keelee (an Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix) was originally diagnosed with vestibular disease in March 2008 after a series of head tilts, nystagmus and heavy panting. Unfortunately, after a visit with a neurological vet, it was determined that she was suffering from a brainstem tumor – that it was central vestibular disease, and not periperhal. She was treated with prednisone & clavamox (with the slim hope that it was a brain infection) – which cleared her head tilt for a couple of weeks and helped her become “stronger”. Unfortunately, I let her go in the early morning of May 22, 2008 – holding her in my arms while she took her last breaths.

    Sweet Keelee, I love you & miss you. Run free my doggie!

    Apples misses you too & Neeli only knows of you & the special place you hold in my heart…

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