A Taming yet *Tender* Touch

Alex Larenty gives full-grown lion Jamu a foot massage. Jamu is known to roll over and expectantly wave his paws for his keeper. (Barcroft Pacific)

What an amazing story about Alex Larenty, an English animal expert who has found a special way to bond with lions, elephants and grizzly bears. He has raised several lions from birth at the The Lion Park, outside Johannesburg, thus building a level of mutual trust with them.

Alex Larenty, 50, has built a unique bond with nine-year-old Jamu by tickling him on his giant paws at The Lion Park, outside Johannesburg.

“[He likes] being scratched and tickled and now his favourite game is ‘This Little Piggy’,” Larenty told the Daily Mail.

Click here to enjoy some additional cool photos of Alex with Jamu.


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