ALFIE – Our *Golden* 11th Birthday Boy – Updated

A Baby Alfie

I’m so happy that Alfie is celebrating his 11th birthday today (you can see him from my first day with him on here: I never made it this far, getting to 11, that is. Okay, not me, but my Alfie boy. He celebrated 11 years of happiness (I hope) today. Cancer took my other babies so I am holding out hope that Alfie will make it a bit longer.

But, I am definitely not greedy. There is plenty to be thankful for as there are a bazillion fabulous scenes that will hopefully play over and over in my head for some time to come.

I had never before done the party thing or even gotten a cake for my boy. But, I figured this was truly a momentous occasion. So, he had his first take of cake today. Now, I will never be left alone again when sneaking a piece for myself.

He has gotten so many special surprises. Just check out the organic Carrot Peanut Butter Bubba Rose Birthday Cake and the Mimi-Green Swiss Velvet Custom Name-Embroidered Collar.

The infamous window response to my calling out, "WHO'S THERE?"

Alfie has stolen my heart .... so I knew I needed to add a heart to his wonderful new collar.

Spoiled, you say?  Nah . . . . . . . . .

P.S.: Funny hubby Gary just asked why half the cake was still in the refrigerator. Surely, his birthday boy Alfie should have been given the entire cake to wolf down in 5 seconds flat. Major fail, of course.

P.P.S.: A fun clip of Alfie’s very first freestyle lesson with Carolyn Scott

Golden Alfie just loves watching the fish and frogs in the pond. His tail never stops wagging. Ever. And, the song, Sunny Skies, by James Taylor ( ) is just perfect.


37 thoughts on “ALFIE – Our *Golden* 11th Birthday Boy – Updated

  1. Congratulations! I pray they make it to ten, and then count every additional year as a blessing.

    Christine (and Sam and newly adopted Monty…)

  2. Rochelle, I just wanted to say I’m so happy for you today….and to wish Alfie a Very Happy 11th Birthday with smooches from me and doggy kisses & tail wags from Katly, Alfie looks so happy having his birthday cake and his collar is beautiful…I wish him many many more years of golden love to share and give to you and Gary 😉

  3. Alfie is as beautiful (I mean handsome) as he was as a puppy. Just enjoy every minute and spoil him rotten!

    Wonderful memories in the videos. What a darling boy!

    Happy Birthday, precious Alfie!

  4. He is actually still mistaken for a puppy. I always love when folks ask me that or think he is so young. He still acts simple, like a puppy, even more so than the usual Golden goofy boy persona.

  5. Happy Birthday Alfie!

    Hopefully there are many more birthday cakes in your future.

    My Golden lived to 17 (actually 17yrs + 4 days!). He ate mashed potatoe birthday cakes for years 16 and 17. His sire passed away relatively young (< 9 yrs) so we know it's possible to be the leader of your family pack and live for many more years.

  6. Just got an email from Golden lover Barbara Jean. I sang it out to Alfie and he was really listening pretty well. Here it is:

    Happy Barkday to You!
    Happy Barkday to You!
    Haaaaaaappyyyyyyyy Baaaaaaarkdaaaaaaay to Alfieeeeee!
    Happy Barkday to You!

    and Tawney, too!

  7. Happy Birthday, Alfie! My mom keeps saying every year beyond 10 is gravy. I haven’t a clue who this James Taylor guy is, though.

  8. First time with a Golden to get to 11. A big milestone, that’s for sure. Let’s hope you and Alfie are around, making your moms keep laughing, since that is definitely our specialty.

  9. Dad thinks he needs more goodies (oh so typical), so he’s getting some of his grilled hamburger dinner. And, he’s getting some of my famous salad dressing (Parmesan cheese, hard boiled eggs, oil, vinegar, oregano) on some Romaine & Bibb lettuce & Black Seeded Simpson lettuce from our organic garden.

  10. Happy Birthday Alfie and many, many more. You are beautiful. It is my 74th Birthday today also, but no one gave me such a pretty cake.

  11. Oh, Lynn, I thought you were a youngster. You should never let anyone know your age, though. That was something my mom taught me. I’ve been keeping it secret for years.

  12. Bentley’s mashed potato ‘birthday cake’ recipe is simpler than you can imagine. Since potatoes were part of his daily diet, I bought boxes of instant mashed potato flakes so I didn’t have to cook potatoes every few days. Combine instant mashed potato flakes with water (pretty much equal parts), then mold into whatever shape you can make. There’s nothing elegant about the cakes I made because they really were for him to eat as part of his meals. A little food coloring or other doggy-safe edible foods can be used for decoration. There are decorating ideas on this page if anyone is interested

  13. I’m just proud I’ve made it this far, it’s an accomplishment. At times I feel like 102. I have three Golden rescues but I miss the brother and sister I had only 8 months, cancer took them within 10 days of each other at the age of 7. They were given up and I was blessed to get them.

  14. Happy Birthday to Alfie!!
    Every single day, month and year is precious with a golden. What time they are here for is an honor to have them in my life. They truly are angels sent from heaven. God allows us the blessing but will call his “angels” back home to stand guard over the streets of gold. We will have the most wonderful reunion!
    God Bless you beautiful Alfie and your family too!! 🙂

  15. Dear Rochelle,

    I know you hear from so many people, but I was one person too who had a big party and birthday cake when Bailey turned 12. She was battling osteosarcoma, so we wanted to celebrate big time for that birthday. We then lost her at 12 1/2. I look at those birthday pictures and she looked so happy. I know how you feel about your Darcy now. Even though we have rescued 2 other dogs,
    a Westie and a Labradoodle, there will never be another Bailey. I still cry almost every day because I miss her so much. But what a gem you have in Alfie. I love watching the video of him at the fish pond. And to make it to 11 years old…Congratulations! Hope you have more birthday cakes to come.

  16. I understand your grieving for Bailey. I am so sorry. I’ve never recovered with Darcy’s death. It was just horrible to watch her being eaten away from inside out. I honestly don’t think I could handle such a passing again.

  17. Happy Birthday Alfie,
    You just keep dancing, and make sure your Dogmom always gives you such a lovely birthday cake. I’m jealous!
    KaLeu (11 1/2)

  18. Probably just a cake this year as it was a special achievement to make it to 11. Alfie had a little piece this morning as that little cake really does have a life to it. Of course, now I think he has developed a fondness for cake.

  19. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy Alfie! You still look like a puppy:) Rochelle, may you be blessed with many more years with your K9 baby.

    My rescue Apples will be celebrating her 15 1/2 year birthday on 6/6 – this will also mark her 5 year anniversary being rescued by my heart doggie Keelee and me. Each day is special since she is suffering my mammary cancer from her early days of neglect. Every day is special, and 21 1/2 month old Golden Neeli is grateful to have her sister around.

    Congratulations again sweet Alfie.

    Hugs & licks/wags,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  20. Happy Birthday Alfie!!! You look absolutely wonderful!!! Best wishes for many more years of health and fun! 🙂

  21. Alfie….Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had fun and enjoyed the festive day….If I know mom, you had a list
    of goodies, Again, happy birthday and many more,
    Greg and Carrie ..and the girls

  22. Happy birthday, I hope each time that we will get past 9. Congratulations to a very special number. we are at 3 and 8 months right now. Happy Happy Birthday and congratulations.

  23. Happy Birthday Alfie!! What a beautiful cake and collar you received! The three of us and our mom wish you many more to come, we enjoy hearing about you and seeing your videos.

    Lots of Golden licks,

    Codie Bear 13, Rustie 9, and Madeline 3

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