Patriot Service Dogs ….. *Golden* Justice for All

Could anyone ever find the words equal to the powerful message in this photo? I don’t think so. (Be sure to click on the photo, and then again, to see a glorious supersized version.)

Tim Shelton, director of the American Legion Riders Florida Chapter 137, and Justice, a 5-month old Golden puppy who is being trained by Patroit Service Dogs. This chapter held a bike show event, raising funds to sponsor dogs for disabled veterans. (The Florida Times-Union, Don Burk)

Learn more about Patriot Service Dogs and Golden Retriever Justice’s progress here.

And, go to sitstaysoothe.htm to learn more about the work our special canine angels are doing for those in the military.


One thought on “Patriot Service Dogs ….. *Golden* Justice for All

  1. Words cannot describe the essence of the photo adequately. As a Viet nam era veteran I can’t help but remember the reception we received when we came home. This time we can do things right. The ASVEI organization can help. Contact : Richard “Chase” Ford 6860 S. Major Drive BMT TX 77705. These guys are for real..and they make a difference.

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