Love the trick …. and the cause

On May 1st, the Arthritis Walk for People and Pets in Illionois’ Baker Lake raised an estimated $15,000 for the Arthritis Foundation.They also held an “American Fido” prize competition where dogs could perform their best tricks.

Speed up to the 1-minute mark on the video to see a funny Golden Retriever girl’s trick. “Her owners brought a display of balloons out and laid it on the ground several yards in front of her. Her enthusiasm was evident as she waited for the signal, then ran at the balloons, jumping on them and biting them until each one was popped.”

Golden Retriever Ike puts me to shame

Chris Smith's Golden Ike, who has walked with his owner more than 5,000 miles

I am so ashamed.

Oakwood resident, Chris Smith, has two milestones to celebrate. As he turns 50 on May 10, he also celebrates the fact that he has walked more than 5,000 miles with his trusty golden retriever, Ike (who just turned 9) and his neighbor, Sue Montesano. The trio started walking together in early 2003 and they haven’t stopped since. They walk three miles a day, seven days a week.