Love the song. Love this voice. – Updated

This accountant is wonderfully talented and sweet besides.

Just found this article that talks about Christopher Stone’s dream and how his parents sacrificed so much for him to realize his talent.

Christopher explained that, during his school years, he was considered a freak by fellow pupils who failed to understand his love of music – with one student in particular beating him up on several occasions.

He told The Sun: ‘They called me a girl, a poof, all sorts of things. I liked music, I was a freak – that’s what they thought.’

Of the beatings, he added: ‘It was punching mainly, fists flying. ‘There were three or four occasions with one person and it took that long for the school to expel that boy.’  Finally, his father sold their family home to fund a move to the renowned Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester.

Already being compared with previous stars like Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, Christopher said: ‘I loved it there. I’d gone from a school where I was very much singled out and bullied to a place where I was absolutely so happy, and full of joy.

‘People were finally like me and it was wonderful to share music. I owe everything to my dad.’

The singer said he wants to win the £100,000 prize so that he can repay the debt. He said: ‘My dad sold his house when I was 16 so he could afford to put me into music school and then university. ‘He sold a lovely three-bedroom semi with a big garden and moved into a small, two-bedroom flat above an Indian takeaway so I could follow my dream.

‘In total my parents have probably spent about £60,000 on all my various fees and lessons. ‘But when I was 20, I dropped out of music school because I could no longer afford the fees. Now this is my big chance to follow my dream again.”


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