I still remember those nightmares.

Our sweetie on her new Personalized Steps

Once when the house had mice problems, Rescue Killer Kitty Cindy was thrilled. She often would catch the little varmints but they would wiggle free. And, do not ask about the time she almost jumped into my bed with one mouth wiggling in her mouth—while I was sleeping—of course. Gary got to her in the nick of time. But, after he told me of the tale, I had nightmares for weeks.

That’s why Simon’s ‘Fly Guy’ video is such a keeper. I just hope those nightmares don’t return.

The ‘Fly Guy’ scenario is very familiar to me and I know it will also be for countless other cat owners. This scene is played out every Summer in my house without fail. With glasses, curtains and anything else in the way of the chase getting wrecked.


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