Golden comedians … is there anything better? – Updated

I have a page at my foundation’s site that celebrates the fun our Golden Retriever comedians provide us. There are more than 30 stories and yours could be there as well. Check it out here. There you would meet puppy girl Flame (now close to 13 years of age), who came to mind when I saw a funny video today about “Rusty The Wrecker”.

Beverly, of Aim-Hi Golden Retrievers in Alaska, sent in this hilarious picture many years ago. This is Flame, BIS Am-Can CH Aim Hi’s Candle in the Wind, at 9 weeks of age. You’d never know her parents were champions (Ch. Chuckanut’s Brasstime “Banjo” & Ch. Aim-Hi’s First Addition “Addi”). From 5 weeks of age, Flame has loved this CAT toy. Despite 2 baskets of dog toys, she had to stick her head in this toy. Beverly says, “She would try and grab the smaller ball which was suspended by thick elastic in the middle.” Flame finally got the small ball loose, entertaining herself by trying to grab the ball on the outside! Beverly says, “She was and still is a real character. When she got older she could still get her head through, and since she was quite a chewer, I let her keep playing with it. I thought it would keep her entertained and keep her from doing damage to other things.” But, Flame still managed to pick things up in her mouth with this thing stuck on her head!

Flame might think she’s a cat, loving to run into the cat tunnel & roll around inside of it. Beverly says, “We have a Siamese cat called Bob & I really think Flame thought he was one of her littermates! He was about her size then. I caught her charging against the babygate at 7 weeks, trying to fly over it to go upstairs just like Bob. She persevered until she knocked it over slightly and scrambled over the top. I never had a puppy so active, agile and inquisitive!”


Now, meet “Rusty The Wrecker”, a Golden Retriever who likes to destroy anything he can get his paws on. I think you will quickly understand why I thought of Flame when seeing his dilemma.

It seems like Rusty has been up to no good again. Now, it seems like he was drinking out of the toilet, managing to come away wearing the toilet insert (for his toddler human sibling).


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