Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet (and 10 Practical Home Remedies) – Updated

We love how Dr. Greg begins his book: “I’m Dr. Greg Martinez and I feed my dogs people food, even though in veterinary school I was taught to use only commercial dog food. In truth, feeding healthful people food to dogs contradicts most everything I was taught.” Committed to helping as many dogs as he can, the April 2007 pet food recall was clearly his epiphany.

Dr. Greg admits to previously being a kibble pusher, but now knows each dog is an individual, and that: “Kibble + dog = Fat in 50% of Dogs.”

We used kibble once upon a time, even graduating to organic kibble, which somehow meant we were doing even more for our kids. But, honestly, just pouring dried, processed chunks into bowls—even if the ingredients were impeccable—was not an accomplishment. Only laziness kept us from home-cooking. But, once the commitment was made, it was amazing how efficient we became at making and freezing meals in advance.

An easy and fun read, Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet is both personal and practical. It is filled with oodles of easy-to-remember sound bytes of tasty information, nutrition & ingredient charts, and conversion info on kilograms to ounces (to determine calories). The secret recipe that Dr. Greg shares is a keeper. And, we may never forget his spot on Dog Better Health Rule #6: “Treats are the crack cocaine of the canine world.”

Dr. Greg believes changing your dog’s diet may help relieve weight gain, red and painful ears, flaky and inflamed skin, hotspots, stomach upsets, and urinary infections. In his book, you will learn about: food allergens; choosing healthier dog treats from the refrigerator that will save you money; the importance of adding needed healthful fats and oils; cutting calories without leaving your dog hungry/unsatisfied; and, feeding your dog’s inner wolf by simulating the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that sustained dogs earliest ancestors.

Dr. Greg also has a great little set of 10 Practical Home Remedies. Click here to print out a copy for yourself!

EXCITING UPDATE: If you order a personally autographed book online at Dr. Greg’s site and mention the Land of PureGold Foundation, he will donate $5.00 per book to our nonprofit.

You will also receive a special chart to download, print out and post near your dog’s feeding area. This chart will help you to quickly get started making changes in your dog’s health and creating a Dog Dish Diet for Your Dog.


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