I just love this underdog – Updated

It never ceases to amaze how folks seem to rally when an underdog is involved. And, this 23-year-old young man, Lin Yu Chun, is just that. Despite being short in stature and somewhat fluffy, as they say, with a bowl-cut do and a spiffy red bow tie to boot, his vocal skill is unbelievable. To tell you the truth, as far as these singing competitions go, he makes Susan Boyle look like a has been.

He is competing on Taiwan’s Super Star Avenue where the winner gets to release an album and win one million dollars. The way he belts out the most difficult Whitney Huston song, I Will Always Love You, is simply jaw-dropping. And, considering that Chinese is his native language, and he is killing this song in English, defies reality. I sure hope he wins or at least gets a benefactor like Simon Cowell to guide him.


UPDATE: This was his song from the first round, about 1:07 in (Amazing Grace)


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