Meet new mom, Golden Whitney – Updated

Dr. Clair Thompson with Golden Whitney and English Mastiff Max

It’s funny what you can find on youtube these days. I came to find the channel for a veterinarian team from Pennsylvania, who from the clips provided, appear to have 3 Golden Retrievers and one English Mastiff.

I became intrigued by a video of their Golden Whitney, who was preparing for her delivery of 11 or 12 pups. As I listened I heard the narrator (veterinarian dad, Dr. Clair Thompson) talk about her fracturing her pelvis and that they were not sure if she would have difficulty delivering.

Dr. Sammie Thompson with 2 Golden family members

So, not shy of heart, I wrote to him and asked about how the injury came about. In the mean time, I explored his links, finding out that he and his veterinarian wife (Dr. Sammie Thompson) ran East Stroudsburg  Veterinary Hospital.

In addition, I learned that Dr. Clair was a huge animal advocate, just recently in Sept 2009 raising awareness and funding for the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe via a most unique motorcycle journey (covering 48 states in 30 days).

Well, let’s get back to Mom-to-be Whitney. This is what Dr. Clair said happened to his girl:

Whitney managed to wander off while on a morning hike 7 weeks ago, 2 weeks after her breeding! She wandered onto a nearby highway and was struck by a passing motorist, who never stopped. She had her pelvic fracture wired, plated and screwed back together at that time and we’re glad she’s delivering vaginally without trouble!

So, let’s meet adorable Golden Whitney. First, is a New Year’s Eve video from sillier and healthier times 3 months ago, entitled: “Is this Animal Cruelty”

Now, fast forward to Easter Sunday at the Thompson household as Whitney is in full labor and prepares for the imminent arrival of her 11 or 12 Golden Retriever pups.

While I hope for more updates to come, here is the latest with Whitney’s 1st puppy born 9:04am Easter Sunday. This first baby has been named Lily, short for Easter Lily, of course.

Heard this from Dad about Whitney:

All are doing very well, 11 total pups! 6 girls and 5 boys!


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