Poop & Vomit (need I say more?)

At my house, I am in charge of accidents. Any kind of accidents.

Number #1 floods.

Number #2 bombs (heaping and sprinkled pebble varieties).

Diarrhea (trailing across room after room).

Cat vomit and hairballs. Dog vomit. You name it, I get to clean it up.

BUT, when it comes to ticks, that is my hubby’s domain. And, if there are POOPING issues (like when it is, you know, stuck between coming out all the way and is hanging by a thread), that’s my Gary’s domain as well.

That’s why I got a chuckle (but then a huge “Ewwwwww”) from Kelly Baldwin’s I’m a writer, not a chemist article.

Man will watch a guy’s knee hyperextend on a rough hit during a football game. Then watch the replay. Again. Then again. In slow motion. And then backwards. Man will even drink expired milk just to see if it “tastes funny.”

But I’ve discovered one thing that will bring a grown man to his knees. And not in a good way. “The dog threw up again,” my husband stated bluntly.

I looked up to find him standing in the doorway of the office. Hands on hips. Look of disgust planted across his face. I shrugged and said, “So?” He snorted, “So? What are you gonna do about it?”

My fingers stilled on the computer keys as the question filtered through that part of my brain that decides just how mad I am going to get. Synapses fired. Neurons whirred. Little gray cells digested the response. And decided it wasn’t time to get huffy. Yet.

I shrugged and answered, “I’m busy. You do it. You know the rules.” I added in a sing-song voice, “He who finds it first has to clean it up.”

He squawked in response, acting like I’d just turned down giving him a healthy kidney. Again. “But I don’t know what to do,” he whined, “and it’s disgusting.” He paused and spoke slowly, “It’s dog v-o-m-i-t.” As if saying the word slower was going to get me moving any faster.

Oh, silly man. “What do I do?” said silly man queried. Sigh. The man has two college degrees, and a little dog vomit makes his IQ drop 50 points.

Golden Retrievers on duty

Duffy, only 15-months-old, is already being trained for Drug Detection. You can learn more about our potent drug-detectors here.

And, here’s Golden Rocky, an explosive/bomb Detection Dog, searching for explosives off lead. You can learn more about this type of detection here.

Love the song. Love this voice. – Updated

This accountant is wonderfully talented and sweet besides.

Just found this article that talks about Christopher Stone’s dream and how his parents sacrificed so much for him to realize his talent.

Christopher explained that, during his school years, he was considered a freak by fellow pupils who failed to understand his love of music – with one student in particular beating him up on several occasions.

He told The Sun: ‘They called me a girl, a poof, all sorts of things. I liked music, I was a freak – that’s what they thought.’

Of the beatings, he added: ‘It was punching mainly, fists flying. ‘There were three or four occasions with one person and it took that long for the school to expel that boy.’  Finally, his father sold their family home to fund a move to the renowned Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester.

Already being compared with previous stars like Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, Christopher said: ‘I loved it there. I’d gone from a school where I was very much singled out and bullied to a place where I was absolutely so happy, and full of joy.

‘People were finally like me and it was wonderful to share music. I owe everything to my dad.’

The singer said he wants to win the £100,000 prize so that he can repay the debt. He said: ‘My dad sold his house when I was 16 so he could afford to put me into music school and then university. ‘He sold a lovely three-bedroom semi with a big garden and moved into a small, two-bedroom flat above an Indian takeaway so I could follow my dream.

‘In total my parents have probably spent about £60,000 on all my various fees and lessons. ‘But when I was 20, I dropped out of music school because I could no longer afford the fees. Now this is my big chance to follow my dream again.”

Just don’t buy this store owner’s side of the story

Amazing that the folks at the restaurant could not tell Golden Retriever Lanie was a guide dog and that her person was visually impaired. (Hate that an ad has to run first before the clip.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Learn more about why I am not buying this store owner’s tail.

I still remember those nightmares.

Our sweetie on her new Personalized Steps

Once when the house had mice problems, Rescue Killer Kitty Cindy was thrilled. She often would catch the little varmints but they would wiggle free. And, do not ask about the time she almost jumped into my bed with one mouth wiggling in her mouth—while I was sleeping—of course. Gary got to her in the nick of time. But, after he told me of the tale, I had nightmares for weeks.

That’s why Simon’s ‘Fly Guy’ video is such a keeper. I just hope those nightmares don’t return.

The ‘Fly Guy’ scenario is very familiar to me and I know it will also be for countless other cat owners. This scene is played out every Summer in my house without fail. With glasses, curtains and anything else in the way of the chase getting wrecked.

Golden comedians … is there anything better? – Updated

I have a page at my foundation’s site that celebrates the fun our Golden Retriever comedians provide us. There are more than 30 stories and yours could be there as well. Check it out here. There you would meet puppy girl Flame (now close to 13 years of age), who came to mind when I saw a funny video today about “Rusty The Wrecker”.

Beverly, of Aim-Hi Golden Retrievers in Alaska, sent in this hilarious picture many years ago. This is Flame, BIS Am-Can CH Aim Hi’s Candle in the Wind, at 9 weeks of age. You’d never know her parents were champions (Ch. Chuckanut’s Brasstime “Banjo” & Ch. Aim-Hi’s First Addition “Addi”). From 5 weeks of age, Flame has loved this CAT toy. Despite 2 baskets of dog toys, she had to stick her head in this toy. Beverly says, “She would try and grab the smaller ball which was suspended by thick elastic in the middle.” Flame finally got the small ball loose, entertaining herself by trying to grab the ball on the outside! Beverly says, “She was and still is a real character. When she got older she could still get her head through, and since she was quite a chewer, I let her keep playing with it. I thought it would keep her entertained and keep her from doing damage to other things.” But, Flame still managed to pick things up in her mouth with this thing stuck on her head!

Flame might think she’s a cat, loving to run into the cat tunnel & roll around inside of it. Beverly says, “We have a Siamese cat called Bob & I really think Flame thought he was one of her littermates! He was about her size then. I caught her charging against the babygate at 7 weeks, trying to fly over it to go upstairs just like Bob. She persevered until she knocked it over slightly and scrambled over the top. I never had a puppy so active, agile and inquisitive!”


Now, meet “Rusty The Wrecker”, a Golden Retriever who likes to destroy anything he can get his paws on. I think you will quickly understand why I thought of Flame when seeing his dilemma.

It seems like Rusty has been up to no good again. Now, it seems like he was drinking out of the toilet, managing to come away wearing the toilet insert (for his toddler human sibling).

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet (and 10 Practical Home Remedies) – Updated

We love how Dr. Greg begins his book: “I’m Dr. Greg Martinez and I feed my dogs people food, even though in veterinary school I was taught to use only commercial dog food. In truth, feeding healthful people food to dogs contradicts most everything I was taught.” Committed to helping as many dogs as he can, the April 2007 pet food recall was clearly his epiphany.

Dr. Greg admits to previously being a kibble pusher, but now knows each dog is an individual, and that: “Kibble + dog = Fat in 50% of Dogs.”

We used kibble once upon a time, even graduating to organic kibble, which somehow meant we were doing even more for our kids. But, honestly, just pouring dried, processed chunks into bowls—even if the ingredients were impeccable—was not an accomplishment. Only laziness kept us from home-cooking. But, once the commitment was made, it was amazing how efficient we became at making and freezing meals in advance.

An easy and fun read, Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet is both personal and practical. It is filled with oodles of easy-to-remember sound bytes of tasty information, nutrition & ingredient charts, and conversion info on kilograms to ounces (to determine calories). The secret recipe that Dr. Greg shares is a keeper. And, we may never forget his spot on Dog Better Health Rule #6: “Treats are the crack cocaine of the canine world.”

Dr. Greg believes changing your dog’s diet may help relieve weight gain, red and painful ears, flaky and inflamed skin, hotspots, stomach upsets, and urinary infections. In his book, you will learn about: food allergens; choosing healthier dog treats from the refrigerator that will save you money; the importance of adding needed healthful fats and oils; cutting calories without leaving your dog hungry/unsatisfied; and, feeding your dog’s inner wolf by simulating the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that sustained dogs earliest ancestors.

Dr. Greg also has a great little set of 10 Practical Home Remedies. Click here to print out a copy for yourself!

EXCITING UPDATE: If you order a personally autographed book online at Dr. Greg’s site and mention the Land of PureGold Foundation, he will donate $5.00 per book to our nonprofit.

You will also receive a special chart to download, print out and post near your dog’s feeding area. This chart will help you to quickly get started making changes in your dog’s health and creating a Dog Dish Diet for Your Dog.

Desert Paws Conference: Power & Action for Animals

I just learned about this cool conference from one of our favorite writers and animal heroes: Dr. Marc Bekoff. There is all day education and evening reception on Saturday, October 9th at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.

The speakers include:

  • Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Eric Sakach, Director of the Western Region, HSUS
  • Dr. Elliot Katz, DVM, President of In Defense of Animals
  • Steve Hindi, President, Showing Animals Respect & Kindness
  • Laura Allen, Executive Director, Animal Law Coalition

This looks to be a wonderful gathering of animal advocates, lovers, caretakers & protectors. For additional information or questions, contact Wendy Hand at wendy@themeetingnetwork.com or
(916) 482-5090.

Here’s Dr. Bekoff talking about animal emotions.

I just love this underdog – Updated

It never ceases to amaze how folks seem to rally when an underdog is involved. And, this 23-year-old young man, Lin Yu Chun, is just that. Despite being short in stature and somewhat fluffy, as they say, with a bowl-cut do and a spiffy red bow tie to boot, his vocal skill is unbelievable. To tell you the truth, as far as these singing competitions go, he makes Susan Boyle look like a has been.

He is competing on Taiwan’s Super Star Avenue where the winner gets to release an album and win one million dollars. The way he belts out the most difficult Whitney Huston song, I Will Always Love You, is simply jaw-dropping. And, considering that Chinese is his native language, and he is killing this song in English, defies reality. I sure hope he wins or at least gets a benefactor like Simon Cowell to guide him.


UPDATE: This was his song from the first round, about 1:07 in (Amazing Grace)

Meet new mom, Golden Whitney – Updated

Dr. Clair Thompson with Golden Whitney and English Mastiff Max

It’s funny what you can find on youtube these days. I came to find the channel for a veterinarian team from Pennsylvania, who from the clips provided, appear to have 3 Golden Retrievers and one English Mastiff.

I became intrigued by a video of their Golden Whitney, who was preparing for her delivery of 11 or 12 pups. As I listened I heard the narrator (veterinarian dad, Dr. Clair Thompson) talk about her fracturing her pelvis and that they were not sure if she would have difficulty delivering.

Dr. Sammie Thompson with 2 Golden family members

So, not shy of heart, I wrote to him and asked about how the injury came about. In the mean time, I explored his links, finding out that he and his veterinarian wife (Dr. Sammie Thompson) ran East Stroudsburg  Veterinary Hospital.

In addition, I learned that Dr. Clair was a huge animal advocate, just recently in Sept 2009 raising awareness and funding for the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe via a most unique motorcycle journey (covering 48 states in 30 days).

Well, let’s get back to Mom-to-be Whitney. This is what Dr. Clair said happened to his girl:

Whitney managed to wander off while on a morning hike 7 weeks ago, 2 weeks after her breeding! She wandered onto a nearby highway and was struck by a passing motorist, who never stopped. She had her pelvic fracture wired, plated and screwed back together at that time and we’re glad she’s delivering vaginally without trouble!

So, let’s meet adorable Golden Whitney. First, is a New Year’s Eve video from sillier and healthier times 3 months ago, entitled: “Is this Animal Cruelty”

Now, fast forward to Easter Sunday at the Thompson household as Whitney is in full labor and prepares for the imminent arrival of her 11 or 12 Golden Retriever pups.

While I hope for more updates to come, here is the latest with Whitney’s 1st puppy born 9:04am Easter Sunday. This first baby has been named Lily, short for Easter Lily, of course.

Heard this from Dad about Whitney:

All are doing very well, 11 total pups! 6 girls and 5 boys!

Making Amends

On Monday I shared a story of a store owner that kicked out a family with a Service Dog, Golden Retriever Ellie. Well, Susan Ivancevich and Robert Bryant met yesterday at his store to make amends.

First I have the initial video with the man screaming to the family about getting out of his store. Then, you can see the second video showing the apology. You will notice towards the end of the clip how Ellie has just been lying down under the table and not budging during the entire interview. And, you know, of course, that there was much activity there given the crew shooting the film.

I hear that folks in the area have not taken to kindly to this store owner and that some boycotting had already taken place, so prompting his attempts to make amends.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Puppy Girl Blythe

In December 2008 I posted about Blythe. She was being trained by my Golden pal Pat who is a charter member of the Valley of the Sun Volunteer Chapter of CCI. Pat has probably trained over 20 furkids at this point, which is pretty amazing.

I could not ever remember Pat training a little girl as it has always been boys that she has received these many years. I had always had male dogs and my sweet Darcy was our first female. But she was so spunky and filled with attitude, which I adored. And, she was known for loving her toys huge to thrash and then lie on in victory. So I asked her about that.

I thought I’d try a girl for a change. These last couple of guys have been handfuls! Loving handfuls mind you, but I thought a little mellow girl would be a nice change of pace. NOT! This one has spunk! And attitude, hence the blog. Blythe and I are new at blogging, but we will get the hang of it. I’m in New Mexico for a day or two, but when I return, I’ll send you some cute first day pictures. I had gotten all these girl toys … soft animals, even a cashmere camel. She went for the biggest ball in the house and drags around the biggest bone she can find. I love her already!

Well, I just got a post from Pat today, Blythe having left for service dog college, as they call it. She has a new pupper to raise . . . and it’s back to males. Here is Pioneer from his first day with Pat. I’m sure you’d agree that he is simply too precious for words.