Adopt A Golden Atlanta’s Jasper needs a home

One and a half year old Jasper is the March Orphan of the Month at Adopt A Golden Atlanta. Sadly, he’s been with the rescue since August 2009, as he is a special needs dog who has a form of anxiety that makes him eat cloth or fabric.

Medication helps his anxiety, and he would ideally be a good dog for a home with a calm environment with lots of exercise and someone who is at home during the day, preferably with no children and a consistent routine.

He is a lovely, proud dog that loves to lay at your feet and will be your constant companion. He has to stay on his meds, at least until he feels totally safe and secure in his new home, which may be months or years. He loves to run and swim.


2 thoughts on “Adopt A Golden Atlanta’s Jasper needs a home

  1. I hope Sweet Jasper finds a wonderful home soon. My rescued Golden Bello has many issues, one of them being the same as Jasper has – eating cloth and fabric (plus plastic )!

    I found that my dog Bello ‘looks’ for fabric type things and so I have bought him those stuffy toys (look like lambskin); not the big kind where he can hold it and tear it (learned this from experience), but ones where he can’t swallow it, nor grip it and tear at it. The medium sized bone shaped ones or ball shaped ones are just enough for him to hold in his mouth and sort of suckle at it, or hold it and occasionally bite down on it and it squeaks. Of course, this had to be heavily monitored at first (my dog had several visits to the Emergency where he has gone after pillows and ate the stuffing).

    The medium size seems to act as a soother, and it calms him down. He often falls asleep with it.

    Perhaps Jasper might find success with a medium stuffy toy that cannot be grasped and torn, or swallowed, and with monitoring it might ease his need to eat fabric, and calm his nerves by holding a sturdy stuffy toy (no loose decorations on it).

    I pray for Jasper’s well being. I’m sure with love and assurance, he’ll start to settle down. I also found that brushing my dog gently was very soothing and comforting and a bonding experience. My Bello falls asleep when he is brushed. I started out with a real baby brush with soft bristles and then progressed to a normal dog hair brush. It calmed my dogs nerves (I shudder to think of the terrible abuse my Bello suffered before), and he now gets excited and wags his tail when he sees the doggy brush coming his way.

    Best wishes and prayers.

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