Home cooking for Coco

Golden Retriever Coco turned 7 today. She is such a character. Unbelievably, every time the president of Japan comes on TV, she recognizes him and jumps up on the TV and starts crying.

Last year her dad made her Sushi with cereals, cucumbers, cabbage, see, ride, beef, and salmon. And you would not believe the elaborate preparations, and the amount that she put away. She is so patient while dad cooks, but was very eager when he tried to place one piece at a time on her plate. I just love that she gets the same plate as the family on her own lower table block.

This year dad made sushi hand-wan with Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Dates, biscuit bones, Poro (wild reindeer), and Sofutojaki (have no idea what that is). And, darling Coco was so patient watching the process.