Conformation …. puppy beginnings

I am just in love with these Bernese Mountain Dog puppers. I have shown videos of them a few weeks younger and just adored the big, fat paws. Of course, I still do.

Mom is showing some early conformation practice with Boogie’s kids. They are still as cute as ever, and the video is perfect given the Westminster Kennel Dog Show this week. You never know, we could be watching a future champion.


Rooting for a Golden Alfie relative – Updated 3x

Ch Verdoro White Chocolate Chunk ("Scotti")

A relative of our English type Golden Retriever Alfie is competing at Westminster. The sporting dogs, which includes Golden Retrievers, compete tomorrow night so I sure am looking forward to seeing Scotti in action.

This gorgeous boy, Ch Verdoro White Chocolate Chunk (Scotti), was bred by Susan Houtz & Ann Greenbank.

It is Scotti’s sire, Can CH Haydene Commador OS (Fred), who is in both pedigrees.

Fred is the sire to Scotti, but the grand-sire or granddad to Alfie.


Click on this attentive Golden below to see the video of all the 37 Goldens competing last year at Westminster.


Here are 40 Goldens competing in the ring:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Ch Toasty's Treasure Island ("Treasure") - 08, 09 & 10 Westminster BOB & 08 National BOB Winner

The 2010 winner for the Golden group is Ch Toasty’s Treasure Island, a sweetheart who has amazingly won at Westminster for 3 years running. She also won at the GRCA Nationals in 2008. Yet, it is disappointing that she could not go on to take the sporting group.

What is also amazing is that those 3 puppers above in my masthead are from a litter of this winning darling girl’s grand-sire. Those 3 puppies were so fat and so cute and their dad, Hubbell (Ch. MY Sky Watcher SDHF, OS) has been influential in many pedigrees.

I have an online veterinarian pal on the inside at the show. Janet Tobiassen DVM, of Guide to Veterinary Medicine, is having a wonderful time meeting various dogs. I sent her on a mission to find Scotti but so far she has not had any luck as I do not have access to the handler’s name. I am still hoping, though, that she may see him. In the meantime, she shared this gorgeous photo from the show. The Goldens are in the ring today at 2:30pm. Scotti will be the number 34 Golden. I’m hoping Dr. Janet will be in the audience. We won’t get to see the Goldens in the ring on TV but a video online will hopefully be posted later tonight.

Gorgeous Golden at 2010 Westminster Show. Photo by Dr. Janet Tobiassen

Dogs or Dolphins, training concepts the same

I love this dolphin trick BBC video. It reminded me of Carolyn Scott’s canine freestyle philosophy.  Discover those desired behaviors unique to the animal that are naturally displayed (without prompting), and then draw attention to, mark, and reward the behaviors positively.

Some dogs naturally love to spin or prance. Others, may love being hands on, or paws on, that is. Our dogs are truly unique but it does take time to really watch and see what it is they like to do when it comes to movement. It is then your choice as to what behavior to reinforce and try to enhance.

Sunbear Squad Watch Tip of the Week: Feb 15th

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Watch Tip: Watch for bloody dog and cat tracks caused by cracked and frozen pads. Find the pets and help them get shelter.

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