I am so embarrassed . . .

Recently, I became involved with helping Dr. V, a wonderful veterinarian who put together the Hounds for Haiti Benefit Auction. As a nonprofit, I can sell on ebay without having to pay fees, with 100% of the proceeds then able to go the Red Cross. The auction has 45 items with several one-of-a-kind wonders.

Virtually all of the items have received bids …… EXCEPT FOR MINE. I donated primarily Golden items, of course, and unfortunately, they were more pricey. Two of my items are rare Golden collector’s finds that are actually not available for sale except through the auction.

Few Golden Retriever lovers are unfamiliar with this Sueellen Ross painting, or with the same image playing out in their homes as their beloved Golden sleeps.

We’ve had a Limited Edition 3-dimensional mug with this same painting for several years, although they are rare and hard to find these days. We actually have a few but they are not for sale. A few folks, at my foundation store, can get the mug with an art print purchase.

Or, they can try to buy it outright at the Hounds for Haiti Benefit Auction. This Golden Retriever Mug is simple huge, literally and figuratively.  It is an 18-ounce 3-dimensional Coffee or Soup Mug. The image is raised off of the mug so you can actually feel the special sleeping soul on it! It is actually much Larger than a regular coffee mug, measuring 4 5/8 inches tall and 4 1/4 inches across the rim. And, it is microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

We have two mugs, one to use and one to sit in our office to hold pencils and pens and such. It is just that fabulous of a piece. We’re additionally filling it with with our Healing Hearts of Honey – 100% Organic Treats that are enjoyed by dogs and their human companions alike.

The auctions have 4 to 6 days left of bidding. Check it out here.


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