Golden Hayley: An agile construction canine of a girl

Hayley has been working at construction sites with her dad Max of DeMars Construction since puppyhood. (Photo by John Cross/The Free Press, Mankato, MN)

Ten-year-old Golden Retriever Hayley is the head “woofer with an r” at Max Demars Construction in MN. I cannot believe how agile she is and that she has been climbing ladders for 8 years now, without incident. Dad calls Hayley his VP of Public Relations as her sweet Golden disposition makes her a welcome visitor whether accompanying Max to the bank, to the office, or to the lumber yards.

Hayley is a roofer who doesn’t haul shingles. Her specialties are finishing her coworkers’ lunches and keeping them chipper on busy days. The golden retriever spends most of her time at the side of her owner, Max DeMars, and others who work for his company, DeMars Construction. When their work takes them to the rooftops, she climbs their ladder and follows them.

It’s an unusual sight for those who don’t know Hayley. And it has gotten her wet, black nose intro trouble. While prancing across the roof at a church construction site this week, Hayley apparently caught the attention of a concerned resident. Police were called, and she was within a leash’s latch of a trip to the pound.

A community service officer arrived at Hosanna Lutheran Church to find the gray-faced pooch looking down at him, wagging her tail. He talked Hayley off the roof and was about to take her away when DeMars stopped him.

One thought on “Golden Hayley: An agile construction canine of a girl

  1. I LOVE Hayley!!! I wish I could bring my Golden to work!

    Go for it Hayley and be safe out there!

    Jill & Sydney

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