SuperTreats … Good for Pets & their People too!

We just added this Pro-Digestive SuperTreat to our line of healthy snacks. And, to celebrate, we have an introductory special of  FREE SHIPPING!

SuperTreats Pro-digestive Pineapple Rings have 3 digestive ingredients. Pineapple, inulin (chicory root), and ginger. Natural pineapple slices contain a unique pro-digestive enzyme, bromelain. It is infused with a prebiotic (feeds healthy digestive bacteria) and ginger (long recognized to soothe upset stomachs).

This natural, human grade treat has no artificial preservatives and is a great chew. Dogs love to chew…so why not give them something healthy to chew on?

This is the 2nd Pro-Digestive SuperTreat we have offered. The first, SuperTreats Pro-Digestive Papaya Chews, are already a big favorite at my house. The problem is getting Gary to let Golden Alfie have his share. And, it truly is comical when he tries to sit down to munch on some at the TV. He actually has to cover himself with a towel because of the drool coming from Alfie as he waits for his share while my hubby munches away. It is just downright pitiful.

Get on over to my foundation’s treat page to check out these and lots of other organic and free range treats.


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