Golden Alfie loves his Mugoh Mat!

We have used the same Mugoh Mat for well over a year now with our Golden guy Alfie, wanting to be sure we put it through the paces before sharing it with our supporters. But, our vote is in and we say, DO IT! Let your dogs dry their own paws in 3 Steps or 3 Seconds with a super absorbent Mugoh Mat. It is absolutely the fastest, easiest way to eliminate wet paw prints on your floor.

Mugoh Mats absorb moisture instantly. Made entirely of natural, 100% biodegradable materials, dogs quickly accept them as comfortable to walk on. A soft, super absorbent 2-ply paper towel for the ruffles and burlap (jute) is used for the backing. A natural latex rubber is used to hold the ruffles in place and as a gripping feature on back of the mat. Hand crafted in Oregon, the mats are well constructed and will last for several weeks or up to four months, under normal use from one dog. We’ve used the same one for several months with our Golden guy Alfie.

The soft ruffles on these mats have the same absorbency as the best paper towels or tissue and suck up water from paws on contact. After being wet, the Mugoh Mat will normally dry in a couple of hours. It is disposable and for best effectiveness should be replaced when it becomes frayed or matted. EEco Pet uses only pure, all natural latex rubber that has no chemical additives and virtually no odor. This is important for dog’s sensitive noses. The mat is an ample 28 inches x 34 inches.

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The handsome boy at the top of the page is our old Golden dude Alfie. Yup, old is right, as he is 10½ years of age here. But, never too old to learn new tricks. That’s him on our original Mugoh Mat that we place at the front door after we’ve let him out to do his business. It is great for getting those wet paws after romping on morning dew covered leaves, or after trudging through wet muck from rain or snow.

We have the mat folded up and off to the side so that it does not get worn, and simply put it out once Alfie has gone out. Then, it is all ready for his return. We simply open the door and he knows to go onto the mat and do his “Stand-Stay” command (which is simple to teach btw). Ten seconds later we release him with an “Okay!” and he’s thrilled as he knows a treat is usually coming. That is why he is smiling so sweetly here. He knows this is a fun game.

We only wish you could see the 4 drenched ovals that he leaves behind on the mat, which just does such a great job at sucking out that moisture. We fold the mat in half and put it off to the side so that it is not walked on needlessly, and it dries very quickly.

While this may not be the greatest for repeat sales, we have to admit that this mat is the original one we got to test out the product . . . and has lasted well over a year so far. It’s only had one 60-pound boy’s use, though, so we can’t say how long it will last with a multi-dog home. But, we do know that following our steps, it will last for quite some time.

Come and learn lots more here!


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