Golden Retriever Kona . . . What a scream!

What a scream!

Over at Golden loving Sue’s blog, she has been detailing her work for an annual party of all parties to celebrate Halloween. The party was this past weekend, and she shipped out her Golden mob to a pal. This is Golden Retriever Kona with his newly discovered find.

As Momma Sue says, “No Kona, this is NOT a new chew toy for you!”

I love that Kona. Reminds me of my baby boy Alfie.

they surely have us at hello

Smiling Golden & Tennis Ball by Ellen C. Maze

Smiling Golden & Tennis Ball by Ellen C. Maze

I simply fell in love with this image when I saw it. Ellen is graciously allowing my foundation to utilize it to create greeting cards, assorted apparel, clocks, journals, tote bags, ornaments, and Sigg bottles. I am hoping it spurs some purchases to help with fundraising.

I just love this watercolor rendering on my oversized 5¼” x 7¼” quality classic ivory linen cards.

And, it is adorable on the many other items available through our foundation’s CafePress store.