Golden Retriever Roxy at the Rim

Isn’t Golden Roxy adorable? Here she is with her BMBPET Springtime Cork/Bamboo Leash (her matching collar is covered in the photo by all that luxurious fur). Roxy’s mom, Lisa Collins, is a Grand Canyon Park Ranger, so we got this ultra cool photo of Roxy at the canyon rim.

These sets encompass form, function and beauty while keeping to sustainable materials and organic dyes to create a truly unique product. Springtime is a cork overlay with bamboo fabric design. The cork overlay is decorated with a beautiful purple and pink flower design and the bamboo fabric is a lovely tan. This is one of our most favorite designs in the line given its vibrant colors.

We’ve got lots of cool green items at our foundation store. And, it keeps our foundation going and able to provide monies to working dogs for their cancer treatment.


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