Golden to Collie . . . . Oh my!

Our favorite Golden lady, Carolyn Scott, has been grieving for some time since her beloved Rookie left her side almost 15 months ago. She had also lost her Golden Rescue boy, Maverick, to cancer and a beloved kitty. It was just Zita, her lovely standard Poodle, providing that much needed furlove, and Zita has been mighty ill as well.

Well, today I received a happy post. Of course, it began with the typical Texas greeting of “Howdy”.

Here are the pictures of my new dog.  I have re-named him “Cash”.  Isn’t he a cutie?  I adopted him from Collie Rescue. He is 5-months-old.

As of yesterday Laddie became “Cash Scott”. :  )

Cash is doing great! Randy loves the name since I have already been to Petsmart to buy him lots of toys and bones. :  )

I am thrilled for Carolyn, and not terribly mystified by her choice in breed. Rookie was truly that once-in-a-lifetime dog and it may be quite some time before she can cross back into the Golden arena.

My hubby Gary’s first dog was a Collie, named Laddie, no less. So, he was a touch less thrilled that Carolyn changed her boy’s name. Oh well.

Carolyn has also been a Collie lover from way back, her very first dog as a child being a Sable & White Collie boy named Rascal. She thought he was the smartest dog she had ever seen.

Auntie Rochelle is really upset with Carolyn’s choice of places to buy her new love’s toys and treats. Given all the cancer out there, and problems with a suspect food supply, we just can’t be too careful. I certainly am not with my Golden boy Alfie.

Please check out my page on Polluted Pets as a reminder . . . . while I bundle up a much-needed care package for Cash that will include organic toys, organic treats and free-range USDA chews.

Maybe, I can even get Carolyn to switch to Canine Life’s home-cooked organic puppy formulation for her sweetie. I have been using it for years and cannot imagine better peace of mind than that of knowing that he is getting the best of the best.

8 thoughts on “Golden to Collie . . . . Oh my!

  1. What a sweet faced boy! Even though a new pup can never take their place, I’m glad she found Cash to help fill in that empty hole.

  2. Carolyn:
    Your Cash boy is beautiful. I have a soft spot for Collies myself. I own an eleven old tri collie called Brodie which I have done some freestyle with.
    Good luck with your new fur friend.

    Anne & the Fur Kids

  3. I still grieve for my golden, Ursa, gone just before Christmas. I can not look at another golden without feeling the pain after all these months. My husband and I accepted a Kleekai pup into our house to be a companion for our three year old golden Husky to help her stop searching for Ursa. There will never be another like we lost, but we find joy in the antics of our two. We wish joy to anyone in a new dog companion.

  4. I’m so happy for Carolyn, Cash looks adorable and I wonder if he will some day dance with her 😉
    Also I have to agree with you Rochelle about the treats and the food.I have had Katly on Canine Life thanks to you since she was 9 weeks old and she’s doing great!

  5. She is one lucky girl, benefiting from all the growth her mom and her mom’s pals have made along the way. It just makes me wonder what life would have been like if we knew then what we know now about health and food.

  6. Houston Collie Rescue was very pleased to adopt Laddie now Cash to Carolyn. I had a great time fostering this smart, gorgeous well behaved puppy dog. I found him to be very photogenic as you see in the photos I took of him.
    We have no doubt Cash will be spoiled for life by Carolyn and family.

  7. Vickey, how sweet of you to post here. Cash is mighty gorgeous and with Carolyn should truly blossom. Collie loving hubby, though, still sad that he did not keep his original name. I have heard his “Laddie” stories for years now.

  8. Cash is not a Golden, that’s true.. but he is pure Gold to you already. I wish you both a long happy lovely life. He’s beautiful. Take care.

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