Check out Golden Richochet! – Updated

UPDATE: Brand new videos with Richochet and Patrick!

Golden Ricki

We’ve been following Golden Retriever Richochet ‘Rip Curl Ricki’ and Patrick for a few months now. Today she did a demonstration at the Surf City Surf Dog event in Huntington Beach, surfing tandem with Patrick Ivison, who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident when he was only 14 months old. Patrick was diagnosed quadriplegic, but he is able to surf using an adaptive surfboard.

Although Patrick has excelled through the years in both school and adaptive sports (adaptive surfing is his specialty), he recently decided that having a service dog would help him achieve greater independence as he approaches his college years. Paws’itive Teams, a local non-profit organization that places service dogs with persons with disabilities, caught wind of Patrick’s story and matched him with a Golden Retriever named Kona.

Patrick also participates in an intense physical therapy program funded through Help Patrick Walk, which helps him build strength by exercising parts of his body he can’t move or control on his own. Since starting his therapy, Patrick has been able to do things he never thought he could.

The costs of training a service dog, and specialized physical therapy are steep, however – that’s where Ricochet’s knack for surfing and fundraising comes in. Hopefully, she was able to raise lots for her pal Patrick today.

I hope Ricki also did well in the competition. Stay tuned as I have yet to hear from her mom, Judy.  Here is footage taken from the event today.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Come learn more about Golden Surfing Dogs & see more fun surfing videos here.


Golden to Collie . . . . Oh my!

Our favorite Golden lady, Carolyn Scott, has been grieving for some time since her beloved Rookie left her side almost 15 months ago. She had also lost her Golden Rescue boy, Maverick, to cancer and a beloved kitty. It was just Zita, her lovely standard Poodle, providing that much needed furlove, and Zita has been mighty ill as well.

Well, today I received a happy post. Of course, it began with the typical Texas greeting of “Howdy”.

Here are the pictures of my new dog.  I have re-named him “Cash”.  Isn’t he a cutie?  I adopted him from Collie Rescue. He is 5-months-old.

As of yesterday Laddie became “Cash Scott”. :  )

Cash is doing great! Randy loves the name since I have already been to Petsmart to buy him lots of toys and bones. :  )

I am thrilled for Carolyn, and not terribly mystified by her choice in breed. Rookie was truly that once-in-a-lifetime dog and it may be quite some time before she can cross back into the Golden arena.

My hubby Gary’s first dog was a Collie, named Laddie, no less. So, he was a touch less thrilled that Carolyn changed her boy’s name. Oh well.

Carolyn has also been a Collie lover from way back, her very first dog as a child being a Sable & White Collie boy named Rascal. She thought he was the smartest dog she had ever seen.

Auntie Rochelle is really upset with Carolyn’s choice of places to buy her new love’s toys and treats. Given all the cancer out there, and problems with a suspect food supply, we just can’t be too careful. I certainly am not with my Golden boy Alfie.

Please check out my page on Polluted Pets as a reminder . . . . while I bundle up a much-needed care package for Cash that will include organic toys, organic treats and free-range USDA chews.

Maybe, I can even get Carolyn to switch to Canine Life’s home-cooked organic puppy formulation for her sweetie. I have been using it for years and cannot imagine better peace of mind than that of knowing that he is getting the best of the best.

Winter, The Dolphin that Could

Winter, who has inspired people of all ages across the world, has been featured on numerous TV reports and news media. At only three months of age, she found herself wrapped tightly in a crab trap line and was unable to escape. She was rescued and transported to Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium to begin a long rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Winter lost her entire tail as well as two vertebrae a result of the serious injuries that she had sustained. Yet, despite the odds against survival, she has now completely healed, adapted to a new swim pattern, and learned to eat fish on her own.

A film developed by CMA, “Winter, The Dolphin that Could,” captures the magic of the human-animal bond, so detailing Winter’s rescue and rehabilitation, including never before seen footage of her fight to stay alive. The documentary also shows how Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics stepped up to make Winter a one-of-a-kind prosthetic tail. The gel created for the sleeve of her tail is hopefully going to help humans with prosthetics walk more comfortably (though I agree with NSCIA Columnist, Mike Ervin’s take on the inequities here).