OH NO Bo! He’s the birthday boy but still is learning!

We already know from news stories that Bo lives to chews socks, magazines and daddy’s sneakers. However, it seems the Number One furboy in the land—just today celebrating his 1st birthday—is now having arithmetic problems.

He recently left a Number Two present on Airforce One. Luckily the flight attendant was able to steer clear of Bo Obama’s present on the presidential jet. While everybody poops, The White House is continuing to Deny Bo’s Mile-High Mistake!

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Just love our Mugoh Mat for wet paws!

We have used the Mugoh Mat for over a year now with our Golden guy Alfie, wanting to be sure we put it through the paces before sharing it with our supporters. But, our vote is in and we say, DO IT! Let your dogs dry their own paws in 3 Steps or 3 Seconds with a super absorbent Mugoh Mat. It is absolutely the fastest, easiest way to eliminate wet paw prints on your floor.

Mugoh Mats absorb moisture instantly. Made entirely of natural, 100% biodegradable materials, dogs quickly accept them as comfortable to walk on. A soft, super absorbent 2-ply paper towel for the ruffles and burlap (jute) is used for the backing. A natural latex rubber is used to hold the ruffles in place and as a gripping feature on back of the mat. Hand crafted in Oregon, the mats are well constructed and will last for several weeks or up to four months, under normal use from one dog. We’ve used the same one for several months with our Golden guy Alfie.

The soft ruffles on these mats have the same absorbency as the best paper towels or tissue and suck up water from paws on contact. After being wet, the Mugoh Mat will normally dry in a couple of hours. It is disposable and for best effectiveness should be replaced when it becomes frayed or matted. EEco Pet uses only pure, all natural latex rubber that has no chemical additives and virtually no odor. This is important for dog’s sensitive noses. The mat is an ample 28 inches x 34 inches.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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