Please give Golden Rescue girl Beetle Bailey some love – Updated

UPDATE: I am not happy. Bailey is being crushed in the voting. She’s competing against 1,000s of dogs so it is hard to see who is winning. But, I know of specific dogs that are leaving her in the dust. They are getting free radio air time or mentioned in web media to buoy their status. Bailey started out strong on the first day and now everyone has forgotten to vote again, as votes are needed 1x daily. Please check out her incredible journey and think about helping with a few moments of your time. I really think she doesn’t have a chance as there are dogs this weeks with literally thousands of votes.

A 12-week contest (now in its 10th week) that began on August 1st, 2009, has been awarding semi-finalists (one per week), each receiving $500 each. The Top 4 finalists will be chosen by the public from these 12 semi-finalist winners. The 3 runner up finalists will each receive $5000, and the grand prize winner, taking home $1,000,000 will be chosen by the judges from the top four finalists on Thanksgiving Day. Pretty exciting, huh?

Well, I have a very special senior sweetie named Bailey who needs your vote. Her dad, Greg Korycki, has been a huge rescue supporter and has been involved in several puppy mill operation rescues. Just look at this incredible “Rags to Wags” story.

Poor sweet girl . . . at the beginning

Beetle Bailey was a 9 year old, skinny 42lbs, non-spayed female Golden who was diagnosed with diabetes and had lost her sight. She also evidenced several tumors which needed to  be removed.  The owner realized that he wouldn’t be able to take  care of her and surrendered her to a Golden Retriever Rescue.

Bailey's eye surgeryFast forward, it was Golden Rescue who gave her eye surgery and her sight back, got her diabetes somewhat under control, rid her of the multiple nasty tumors, and had her spayed. And, while involved in her spay operation, they found even more tumors in addition to the others below and around her shoulders.

Every Golden Rescue has a Beetle Bailey. I think she’s been through a hell of a lot.

Greg and his wife adopted this young lady about 2 years ago and what a character she has been, even through all of this. They adopted her right before her eye surgery and waited for her recovery.

Since this past January, she has been battling chronic ear problems,
hyperparathyroidism, had an operation due to her high calcium levels, and had four different type bladder infections one after another, Finally, her diabetes glucose curve seems to be under control.

The family has had so many ups and downs, but through this she has been a trooper.

Beatle Bailey so content now

Greg has a house filled with rescue Goldens and Kitties. And, it looks to be one incredibly happy family there in Austin, Texas.  I sure do hope you can take the time to vote for Beetle Bailey. It will only cost you a few moments of time. And, please do pass this on to your friends and family, and especially other Golden Retriever lovers.

Many of the previous winning dogs’ owners are bloggers, facebook users, twitterers, etc.. This has generated many votes for their entries. Greg does not use any social media so he is really struggling. That is why I am trying to lend a hand here at my blog and via my twittering.

Bailey's current Contest Photo EntryHere is the exact photo that you will see at the contest page. Click above on Bailey’s photo or go directly to Then, click on REGISTER TO VOTE. They will ask you for your email address and to make up a password (the contest will NOT sell you address and/or use it to send advertisements). This is to help keep the voting honest as people were using multiple addresses from the same computer in previous contests.

After clicking on ENTER, you will be sent back to Beetle’s picture to VOTE. The contest for Bailey will run from Oct 4  Sunday 12:01am thru Oct 10 Saturday 11:59pm. It would be great if you could vote the allowable once a day. I am heading over now to record my vote.

Send some love for this sweet girl. She really does deserve it.


SNL’s “Mostly Garbage Dog Food” (…but not for my Golden Retriever)

Vodpod videos no longer available.This is closer to the truth than you can imagine.

I home cook an organic diet and have done so for several years now. I add all organic ingredients to an organic pre-mix that is actually used for dogs with cancer. I feel it is a good preventative to use this formula as I really like the amount of antioxidants.

I do not sell the food (I do not sell any food at my store) but know the person who developed it, and she does extensive work with veterinarians and dogs with chronic health issues.

The CANINE LIFE PRE-MIX FORMULATION FOR CANCER contains: Organic milled whole brown rice, Organic chick peas, Organic whole oats, calcium, carob, Acadian sea kelp, green tea, turmeric, oregano, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, ginger, and garlic.

Canine Life: Home-Baked & Organic

Canine Life: Home-Baked & Organic

This is a true home-cooked diet, each recipe making muffins or squares. The baking time is extremely short as there is nothing to rise here, it is merely to cook together so that any bacteria is removed from the raw ingredients.

Three cups of this purchased pre-mix (above) is added to the following ingredients that I provide from home: organic broccoli, organic egg with shell, organic red apple, organic blueberries, organic pure cranberry juice, organic safflower oil, organic ground chicken with skin, and organic chicken livers.

The ingredients, such as the organic chicken livers, organic red apple and organic broccoli, are pureed or chopped fine via a (Cuisinart) food processor. And, the organic chicken (I use organic thighs) with skin (no bones) is ground up via a meat grinder attachment on my food processor.

You can learn about it here at my foundation’s site.